Shure MV7+ White

USB and XLR Podcast Microphone

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Dynamic microphone inspired by the renowned SM7B with both USB and XLR outputs, Voice Isolation technology and an Auto Level Mode within the ShurePlus Motiv app.

The Shure MV7+ is a dynamic microphone, drawing inspiration from the renowned SM7B. It features USB and XLR outputs, Voice Isolation technology, and an Auto Level Mode within the ShurePlus MOTIV app. This microphone is designed for discerning podcasters, streamers, and musicians, enhancing audio delivery with powerful DSP features and customisable settings.

The MV7+ has been updated with a new LED touch panel, allowing customisation from millions of colour options to match your style while recording high-quality audio. It's ideally suited for creating professional, broadcast-quality content in challenging environments. The touch-to-mute functionality adds convenience by allowing quick silencing during recordings.

Optimised Audio Features

This microphone incorporates cutting-edge technology to elevate your audio experience. Voice Isolation Technology ensures your recordings are crystal clear, capturing your voice distinctly by filtering out unwanted background noises. The enhanced Auto Level Mode dynamically adjusts the mic's gain based on your distance, volume, and spatial presence, optimising audio levels for every recording. Shure's real-time Denoiser uses advanced DSP technology to eradicate ambient sounds, ensuring a clean output. Additionally, the newly introduced Digital Popper Stopper™ effectively eliminates harsh plosive sounds, enhancing audio clarity and preventing acoustic distractions.

Versatile and User-Friendly

Enjoy seamless connectivity and easy setup. The MV7+ features USB-C and XLR outputs to facilitate versatile connections for any recording setup. Download the free MOTIV Mix™ Desktop App to select from 16.8 million colour options for the LED panel and fine-tune your microphone settings, including sound signature and gain. Instantly mute your recording with a simple tap on the LED panel and monitor your audio effortlessly in real time through the 3.5mm headphone jack.

The MV7+ is equipped with Voice Isolation Technology, which ensures every recording captures your voice clearly by eliminating background noises. This feature is ideal for producing flawless audio regardless of environmental distractions. The improved Auto Level Mode dynamically adjusts the mic's gain based on your position, volume, and the room's acoustics, ensuring optimal audio levels.

Real-time Denoiser technology, using sophisticated DSP algorithms, removes ambient noise, enhancing the clarity of your recordings. Introducing the Digital Popper Stopper™ prevents harsh plosive sounds, common in speech recording, thus ensuring your tracks are free from acoustic disturbances.

The microphone's customisability extends to its LED touch panel, where users can choose from 16.8 million colours, making the setup as unique as the creator's needs. This feature, combined with the MOTIV Mix™ app, allows for detailed personalisation of sound signatures and other settings. Including USB-C and XLR outputs accommodate a wide range of audio equipment. The touch-to-mute functionality and real-time monitoring via the 3.5mm headphone jack further enhance the user experience, making the MV7+ a top choice for professionals seeking control and quality in their audio recordings.

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