Slate Digital Analogue VMS ML-2 Microphone System

Small Diaphragm Condenser Microphone System

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Revolutionary small diaphragm condenser microphone that captures the essence of an entire mic locker with over 19 meticulously modelled emulations. It delivers unparalleled sonic replication, from vintage tube microphones to iconic modern classics. With its exceptional accuracy, low distortion, and a proprietary 'Dynamic' switch for handling high SPLs, the ML-2 provides a pristine recording canvas. Paired with the included Virtual Microphone System (VMS) software, you can emulate different microphone models in real-time. With 96kHz audio fidelity, low latency, and a comprehensive range of controls, the ML-2 is the ultimate tool for musicians of all levels, ensuring crystal-clear sound and uncompromising audio quality in your recordings.

At a glance

  • 19 real-world mic models to choose from
  • Experience ultra linear response with no distortion
  • Dynamic mode allows for capturing sound sources with high SPL
  • Enjoy zero-latency modelling with real-time monitoring
  • Complete with VMS software - Virtual Microphone System

The Slate Digital VMS ML-2 is a versatile small diaphragm condenser microphone that revolutionises your recording experience. With over 19 meticulously modelled microphone emulations, this sleek black microphone allows you to capture the essence of an entire mic locker. From legendary vintage tube microphones to iconic modern-day classics like the renowned 57-style models, the ML-2 delivers unparalleled sonic replication. By utilising the included VMS software (Virtual Microphone System) and selecting your desired microphone model, you can effortlessly emulate its distinctive tone and style in real-time during your recording sessions (requires a low-latency audio interface).

Designed to provide an exceptionally linear response and eliminate distortion, the ML-2 is a pristine canvas for your recordings. Its remarkable accuracy and clarity ensure that your sound remains pure and unadulterated. Moreover, the microphone features a proprietary 'Dynamic' switch, enabling it to handle high sound pressure levels (SPLs) without overloading or saturating. Whether you're capturing the thunderous impact of drums or the vibrant nuances of guitar cabs, the Slate Digital ML-2 delivers detailed and transparent sound, which can be further customised using the included microphone modelling software. This incredible tool is invaluable for musicians of all levels, catering to their specific recording needs.

Unparalleled Sonic Clarity and Detail up to 96kHz

Experience crystal-clear sound with the ML-2's advanced technology, offering an impressive 96kHz audio fidelity. This small diaphragm condenser microphone ensures exceptional accuracy and detail in your recordings. Its low noise floor and ability to record at 96kHz with the smallest buffer size possible guarantee the utmost clarity while minimising latency, resulting in a seamless recording process.

Amplify Your Volume Range Without Compromising Tonal Quality

Featuring a convenient 'Dynamic Mode' switch, the ML-2 effortlessly adapts to any sound source, accommodating even the loudest instruments without compromising tonal quality. This switch expands your volume range by maximising SPL handling capability while preserving the selected microphone model's distinct sonic characteristics.

Seamless Recording Experience: Virtual Microphone System with Latency-Free Processing

Take full advantage of the Virtual Microphone System (VMS) software included with the ML-2 microphone. You can access an extensive collection of classic microphone styles with a mouse click. This software unlocks a virtual mic locker containing 19 meticulously modelled models, from legendary vintage microphones to modern classics. With a low-latency interface, the VMS software ensures latency-free processing, allowing you to hear yourself through any selected mic model in real time. Enhance your recordings further with a comprehensive range of controls and tools, including modelled analogue studio gear such as EQ modules and effects. The Slate Digital VMS ML-2 is an essential asset for knowledgeable musicians seeking ultimate versatility and uncompromising audio quality in their recordings.

Virtual microphone models

  • S-47F: Based on a famous German FET microphone
  • S-67: Large-diaphragm tube mic model
  • S-7: Dynamic broadcast microphone
  • S-E20: Based on a popular dynamic mic in the '70s
  • S-57 Vintage: 57-style dynamic mic from the '80s
  • S-Custom Snare: Modified version of the S-57 with EQ's curves (ideal for snare drums)
  • S-57 Modern: 57-style dynamic mic - a modern-day version
  • S-112: Modelled on a famous modern kick drum microphone
  • S-112B: Same as the S-112 but captured from within the kick drum for added boom
  • S-421: Vintage dynamic mic - ideal for guitar cabs, horns and drums
  • S-S-Custom Tom: Modified version of S-421
  • S-414 Normal: Based on a legendary FET large diaphragm mic
  • S-414 Dynamic: Variation of the S-414 (optimised for use with ML-2's dynamic mode)
  • S-12: Vintage kick drum microphone
  • S-Custom Kick Variation of the S-12 with added attack and more punch
  • S-121 Normal: Classic cardioid ribbon microphone (ideal for horns, string, overheads etc.)
  • S-121 Dynamic: Variation of the S-121 (optimised for use with ML-2's dynamic mode)
  • S-222: Classic small-diaphragm tube mic regarded for its bright tonality
  • S-451: Based on a legendary small diaphragm condenser microphone (ideal for drums, overheads, guitar cabs and more


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