Slate Digital CT3 5 Mic Expansion Plug In

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Suite of five vintage-tube-emulating microphones designed to elevate your recording sessions. Whether you're capturing the subtle nuances of a piano, the rich harmonics of a ribbon microphone, or the robust mids of a legendary tube model, the CT3 pack delivers unparalleled quality and versatility. Make every recording session a masterpiece with the lush, authentic sounds of the CT3 family. Dive into a world where vintage warmth meets modern precision, and let your creativity soar with the Slate Digital CT3 pack.

The Slate Digital CT3.5 Microphone Expansion Plug-In is the peak of innovation, completely transforming your audio production experience. It delivers an arsenal of iconic tones, meticulously modeled for your modern workflow. It seamlessly integrates with your existing setup, enhancing the capabilities of your microphone and refining your audio output.

The CT3 5 Microphone Expansion Plug-In comprises five exceptional CT3 models. Each is meticulously crafted to infuse your recordings with the sought-after warmth of vintage tubes, transforming any captured source into a sonic masterpiece.

Experience Vintage Warmth with the CT3 Family

The CT3 collection is a powerhouse of sonic excellence, each member meticulously designed to elevate your audio production to new heights. Among the stellar lineup:

  • FG-37A: A homage to a vintage Japanese tube microphone, the FG-37A excels in capturing pianos and overheads, delivering pristine clarity and depth.
  • FG-44: This hybrid tube-powered ribbon microphone, the FG-44, is your go-to for enriching any source with lush, rich harmonics.
  • FG-47 MKII: Paying tribute to a classic 47 model, the FG-47 MKII is adept at handling high-impact sources like guitar cabinets, ensuring every strum resonates with clarity and punch.
  • FG-67 MKII: Emulating a renowned German workhorse, the FG-67 MKII offers a dark, authentic sound profile, perfect for adding a profound depth to your recordings.
  • FG-49: Arguably the crown jewel of the series, the FG-49 is celebrated for its robust mids and airy highs, making it an ideal match for brass, room ambiences, and choral sessions.

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