Slate Digital Custom Opto Compressor Plug In

Opto Compressor Plugin


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The Custom Opto Compressor Modern Adjustable Plugin captures the essence of classic optical compression while injecting modern adjustability into it. This meticulous emulation meticulously recreates the nuanced behaviours of iconic analogue units, drawing inspiration from the golden eras of the 70s and 80s.

The Slate Digital Custom Opto Compressor empowers you to sculpt your sound with a versatile five-way tone selector. Tame harshness with "Smooth," add warmth and richness with "Warm," inject clarity and punch with "Aggro," or infuse your mix with air and openness using "Airy." Adding depth to individual tracks or shaping the character of your entire mix is easy with the Custom Opto Compressor.

The Custom Opto Compressor Adjustable Plugin offers meticulously designed ratio and speed controls, granting you unparalleled control over gain reduction.

The Custom Opto Compressor gives you total creative control, from soft taming to strong compression. You can adjust the compressor's responsiveness to your mix's specific dynamic requirements to effortlessly achieve both delicate details and striking effects. Buy now!

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