Slate Digital FG-2A Compressor Plug In

Compressor Plug-in based on the LA-2A Optical Compressor


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Meticulous emulation of the revered LA-2A optical compressor, capturing every detail of the classic 2A limiting amplifiers to produce the authentic essence of the original hardware. Its user-friendly interface offers essential controls like peak and gain knobs, a mode switch for limiting and compression, and an HF/flat side-chain control, alongside advanced features for parallel processing. Additionally, its sensitive reduction meter aids in precise gain measurement during mixing. It ensures the FG2A adds a layer of warm, saturated analogue richness to tracks and mix buses, making it a valuable tool in audio production.

The Slate Digital FG-2A Compressor Plugin meticulously captures the iconic sound of the LA-2A optical compressor, a studio staple revered for its warmth and musicality. Every curve, every peak, is faithfully reproduced, bringing the magic of this legendary hardware to your fingertips.

The Slate Digital FG-2A boasts a familiar interface with simple knobs for gain and peak reduction. Effortlessly switch between limiting and compression modes, and fine-tune your sound with HF/flat side-chaining. Parallel processing is a breeze thanks to the innovative mix knob and stereo linking options.

The FG-2A's sensitive reduction meter provides real-time feedback, while its ability to infuse tracks and mixes with a warm, saturated character is unparalleled. This Slate Digital FG-2A Compressor Plugin is a must-have for any producer seeking the unmistakable analogue warmth and richness of the LA-2A.

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