Slate Digital VCC Virtual Console Collection Plug In

Console Emulation Plugin


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The Slate Digital VCC Virtual Console Collection plugin is the secret weapon you've been waiting for. It captures the essence of legendary analogue mixing consoles, infusing your audio with depth, richness, and a touch of vintage mojo.

Unleash the power of analogue within your DAW:

  • 6 iconic consoles emulated: From the smooth curves of the SSL 4000 E to the pulsing energy of the Neve 542, VCC offers a diverse sonic palette to match any genre or creative vision.
  • Channel strip magic: Experience the complete console experience with meticulously modelled preamps, EQs, compressors, and filters. Add subtle analogue warmth and character to each track.
  • Sculpt your sound with precision: Take total control with VCC's intuitive interface. Fine-tune mix bus saturation, explore parallel compression, and expand your stereo image, breathing new life into your mixes.

Forget the limitations of digital mixing. VCC Virtual Console Collection Plugin is your gateway to the rich analogue experience, allowing you to craft mixes that breathe with life and inspire emotion.

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