Smart Research C1LA 500-series Compressor

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25th Anniversary 500-series stereo compressor based on the Smart C1

At a glance

  • 3 operating modes: Independent/ganged; Stereo linked/Sum; and Stereo Linked/DC
  • Metering options: Input, Output, (VU) and Gain Reduction (PPM) for L & R Channels
  • 3 side-chain filters: 65, 130, or 205Hz
  • Automatic distortion null circuitry
  • Normal and half-threshold ranges
  • ʻSoftʼ compression curve reshapes a 15dB range
  • Total of 12 Attack and 12 Release settings
  • Total of 4 ʻAutoʼ settings
  • Dual, balanced bantam jacks for external side-chain inputs
  • All settings and circuitry from original C1 Dual/Stereo Compressor

The Smart Research C1LA is a 500-series stereo compressor and limiter based on the highly successful Smart C1 mix buss compressor.

The Smart Research C1LA features all the same circuitry and settings as its sibling including the same 3 modes: Independent, Stereo Linked/Sum and Stereo Linked/DC. Improving on the classic VCA compressor design that has shaped the sound of hits music from the 80’s the CL1A features additional ratios 1.5:1, 3:1 ratios and a Limiter as well as an external mono/stereo Side-Chain input with high-pass filtering with centred frequencies ranging from 65Hz, 130Hz and 205Hz.

The Smart Research C1LA is a VCA compressor designed as a mix buss compressor to provide the final “glue” to gel a mix together while adding the unmistakable punch that has made the Smart C1 so successful. A ‘Soft’ mode includes a new compression curve reacting across a wide broad input range of 15dB for a softer compression.

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