Softube Console 1 Channel MkIII

Hybrid Channel Strip

CAP2: 70750.0
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Industry-defining channel strip hardware system, offering precise control over tape/preamp, shaping, EQ, compression, drive, and DAW functions. With its latest enhancements, including touch-sensitive knobs, dual screens, dual USB-C ports for daisy chaining, and dual sections, it remains at the forefront of its category. The bundled Core Mixing Suite software provides access to Softube's renowned audio processing plugins, delivering authentic, world-class studio sounds. The tactile Analog Feel™ potentiometers offer a premium mixing experience, boasting over ten times the resolution of previous models. Console 1 Channel's knob-per-function design eliminates the need for a mouse, enabling hands-on mixing and creative sound sculpting while maintaining a formal and professional approach to audio production.

At a glance

  • Premium bead-blasted aluminium in a Nordic Night Sky finish
  • Dual high-resolution smart screens
  • 27 Analog Feel™ potentiometers with touch sensitivity
  • Two instances per Shape, EQ and Compressor section
  • Core Mixing Suite featuring Softube Tape/Preamp section, Shape: Transient Shaper plus new utility tools, Two equalizers: passive vintage and precise modern, Three compressors based on FET Compressor Mk II, Bus Processor, and OPTO Compressor
  • Newly designed drive algorithm
  • Dual USB-C ports with daisy chain compatibility
  • VESA and 19-inch rack mounting options

The Softube Console 1 Mk3 stands as an industry-defining channel strip hardware, firmly establishing itself as the pinnacle of channel strip hardware. Integral to the Console 1 Mixing System, the Channel strip furnishes precise command over fundamental elements, including tape/preamp, shaping, EQ, compression, drive, and selected DAW functions. Distinguished by enhanced features, including touch-sensitive knobs, dual screens, dual USB-C ports for seamless daisy-chaining, and dual sections, this iteration solidifies its preeminent status within its category. Furthermore, the included Core Mixing Suite equips audio professionals with a comprehensive toolset, enabling the customization of an ideal channel strip and the crafting of chart-topping albums.

Immerse in World-class Console Sound

Softube, renowned for its meticulous modelling of prominent studio gear, bestows users the gift of authentic and timeless sounds reminiscent of the most venerable recording studios. The Console 1 Channel strip arrives bundled with the Core Mixing Suite software, which showcases award-winning Softube Tape, FET Compressor Mk II, and Bus Processor. These plugins harmoniously integrate into the preamp, shaping, equalization, and compression sections, accompanied by an innovative drive component that upholds Softube's illustrious reputation for stellar saturation. Console 1 Channel represents Softube's interpretation of the quintessential channel strip, with the added advantage of users being able to draw from Softube's extensive catalogue to craft their own dream console.

Elevate the Experience of World-class Console Feel

The fastidious engineering behind Console 1 Channel ensures that each rotation of the Analog Feel™ potentiometers imparts a tactile sensation that rivals the most opulent outboard gear. These knobs offer a substantial, precise, responsive touch, intensifying the immersive mixing experience. Boasting more than ten times the resolution of its predecessor, Console 1 Channel serves as a future-proofed cornerstone for contemporary mixing workflows.

Mixer Exemplified: No Mouse Required

Bid adieu to the mouse. Console 1 Channel's knob-per-function design liberates users to employ their hands for mixing while relying on their auditory discernment for sound sculpting. Bolstered by dual high-resolution smart screens and an industry-defining 1:1 workflow, users enjoy unambiguous visibility of their adjustments and effortless access to paramount parameters. Channel's efficiency augmentation allows users to refocus their attention on the creative process, positioning it as a veritable game-changer in audio production.

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