Solid State Logic SSL E-Series Dynamics 500-Series Module

SSL E-Series Dynamics Module for 500 Format

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Compressor/limiter and Expander/gate from SSL E-series desk in 500 Series format

The SSL E-DYN brings the dynamic processing power of SSL's famous SL 4000 E input channel to the 500 Series format.


With the E-Series Dynamics 500 Module SSL have packaged the legendary capabilities of one of the most famous consoles in popular music and brought it within reach of the project studio and serious audio enthusiast.

Featuring both a compressor/limiter, as well as an expander/gate, the SSL 611DYN has remained faithful to its origins in styling and sound, keeping to the key components and circuits of the VCA section of the 4000 E - perfectly able to provide you with the punchy compression and powerful limiting that gave the company an unrivalled reputation when the E-Series console was first produced.


The E-DYN lets you switch your compression characteristics between over-easy and hard-knee to match the programme material and to choose linear or logarithmic release curves. The Expander/Gate lets you keep the signal source clean and free from unwanted noise intruding into your recording. Whether you need to tame unruly sounds, smooth the dynamics, add drive or just keep your sounds up at the front of your mix.


The SSL E-DYN E-Series Dynamics 500 Module puts one of their most powerful tools into your 500 Series rack.



SSL 611DYN E-Series Dynamics 500 Module Overview:


• Based on the classic SL 4000 E console dynamics section • Switchable compression characteristics • Class-A VCA gain stage • True RMS convertor in the side-chain

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