Solid State Logic SSL BiG SiX

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The Solid State Logic Big Six is a studio-grade desktop mixer with four SuperAnalogue preamps, 16-channel of AD/DA and full USB Integration.

The Solid State Logic Big Six adds more channels with four SuperAnalogue mic preamps that deliver the same punch, clarity and ultra-low distortion found on the 9000 series of large mixing consoles. The Four SuperAnalogue channel strips also include a three-band EQ based on the SSL 4000E Series and a compression based on the Classic SSL Channel Dynamics. They also include fully-balanced insert points. An additional four stereo line-level channels are also provided. A Talkback input is also included with phantom power and SSL’s infamous Listen Mic Compressor

Speaking of compressors, the Big Six also includes a cut-down version of the legendary G-series Bus compressor with the Auto release button to give the final polish SSL is known for.

The SSL Big Six adds 18-channels of summing and 16-channels of high-quality AD/DA Conversion and USB interface with advanced routing options. Like the original Six, this new iteration includes long-throw 100 mm studio-grade faders with a classic SSL response curve with a large sweet spot similar to those found on large format SSL consoles.

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