Solid State Logic SSL Origin 32

32-channel Mixing Console

CAP2: 0 £44,760.00
£37,300.00 ex VAT
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32-channel analogue mixing console with E-series 242 EQ, G-series mix buss compressor, PureDrive mic preamp and Analogue Layout Hybrid Workflow

The Solid State Logic Origin is a 32-channel, 18 buss analogue mixing console with designed to merge analogue workflow and DAW-driven production studio.

The Solid State Logic Origin takes cues from original in-line consoles but adds modern developments to provide superior dynamic range and bandwidth. The new PureDrive mic preamplifier is SSL’s next-generation mic preamp giving users the purity and clarity of previous designs with an added warm and rich tone. Based around a FET circuit design the PureDrive mic preamp delivers super clean ultra-low noise performance when in ‘Pure’ mode. Switching the Drive circuit will add gain dependent non-linear harmonic distortion.

The SSL Origin boasts a four-band EQ based on the legendary SSL 4000E series with variable cut/boost as well as HF and LF bell switches and independent sweepable HPF on every channel.

The Origin’s centre section offers a modular design allowing you to fit the console around your workflow. From the addition of a full-sized keyboard or additional hardware processor, or even a screen. The centre section can be organised to suit your requirements.

Solid State Logic Origin Main Features:

  • 32-channel analogue in-line design
  • High quality 100mm large and 60mm small fader on every channel
  • 16+2 buses
  • 4x Monitor outputs
  • 3x Foldback outputs
  • Acclaimed SSL E-Series four-band parametric channel EQ
  • Sweepable HPF on every channel
  • Classic SSL Bus Compressor with side-chain access, HP filter and insert point
  • Dedicated channel direct outputs
  • New PureDrive Mic pre & drive circuit
  • New mix bus and mix amp architecture - delivers ultra-low noise floor and huge headroom
  • Balanced Insert Point per Large Fader and Small Fader Channel Paths.
  • Stem-ready 0dB fader bypass switch
  • Unique power management tools deliver ultimate reliability and low running costs
  • Freelance engineer friendly
  • Adjustable centre section features 12U of rack space
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