Solid State Logic SSL SiX Channel 500 Series

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The Solid State Logic SiX CH is a 500 series channel strip based on the highly popular SiX compact mixer.

The Solid State Logic SiX CH comprises the same SuperAnalogue mic preamp, dual-band EQ and single-knob compressor found on SSL’s first small-format mixer and is a convenient way to add more channels to a recording setup or add preamps to line-level channels such as the stereo channels of the SiX compact mixer.

Super Analogue Mic Preamp

 The SuperAnalogue mic preamp is an ultra-low noise, wide gain range mic pre with a 12dB/oct high-pass filter with a fixed 75Hz frequency, polarity reversal switch and a five-segment LED meter to show the output level. A “Line” switches the mic preamp into a line preamp with a nominal impedance of 10kOhms. This can be changed to 1MOhm when paired with the Hi-Z switch to accommodate instruments such as guitars or Bass with passive pickups.

A Gentle Tone Shaping EQ.

The dual-band EQ brings a gentle broad stroke design with Low and high shelving filters with fixed frequencies set at 60Hz or 200Hz for the lows and 3.5kHz and 5kHz for the high-band. Each band offers +/-15dB of gain and can be engaged independently

Super Easy Compressor 

An easy-to-use compressor is also included offering simply two controls, a Comp in to switch the compressor in or out and a Threshold control. The versatile compressor does all the hard work letting you focus on the recording. An automatic make-up gain ensures the level of the signal remains consistent for the full range of the threshold. A three-bar LED meter indicates the amount of compression used

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