Solid State Logic SSL 12

USB audio interface

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12-in / 4-out USB audio interface with 32bit/192kHz operation, Legacy 4K analogue enhancement, extensive monitoring and ADAT expandability.

At a glance

  • 4 x SSL-designed microphone preamps with unrivalled EIN performance and huge gain range for a USB-powered device
  • Per-Channel Legacy 4K switches - analogue colour enhancement for any input source, inspired by the 4000-series console
  • 2 Hi-Z instrument inputs for guitars, bass or vintage instruments
  • 2 professional-grade headphone outputs, with switchable modes of operation that cater for high impedance or high sensitivity headphones.
  • 32-bit / 192 kHz AD/DA Converters. 
  • Built-In Talkback Mic assignable to Headphones A, B and Line 3-4 outputs.
  • 4 x dedicated balanced outputs and precision Monitor Level
  • Outputs 3-4 to connect an alternative monitor set or as additional line-level outputs to connect to studio outboard equipment, with +24 dBu operating levels.
  • SSL 12 mixer: Powerful digital mixer hosted in SSL 360° for low-latency cue mixes.
  • DC-coupled outputs for controlling CV input instruments & FX
  • 3 user-assignable front panel switches 
  • MIDI I/O
  • SSL Production Pack Software Bundle; includes a 3-month free subscription to SSL Complete, plus an exclusive collection of 3rd party DAWs, virtual instruments and plug-ins
  • USB bus-powered audio interface for Mac/Windows

The Solid State Logic SSL 12 is a 12-in / 4-out USB audio interface ideal for producers and engineers who require unrivalled performance and versatility from a desktop device.

The Solid State Logic SSL 12 includes four SSL-designed mic preamps with unrivalled low-noise and high-gain performance. Each of the four mic preamps includes Legacy 4K analogue enhancements to deliver the unmistakable SSL sound.

A Powerful Interface for the Studio or the Road.

The SSL 12 boasts an improved 32bit/192kHz AD/DA conversion section that offers class-leading dynamic range, better than any USB-powered device. 

Furthermore, this desktop interface includes a comprehensive monitoring section, ADAT input, a built-in talkback microphone assignable to Headphones A or B, and outputs 3 and 4. 

An Interface for Production, Recording and Mixing

A powerful interface for tracking, the SSL 12 includes an ADAT input to expand the number of channels to 12 tracks. An intuitive console-style software mixer gives users a quick way to create up to four near-zero latency cue mixes.

Thanks to alternative monitor switching and assignable front panel control room functions, everything you need for mixing is at your fingertips.

USB Loopback, MIDI I/O, and DC-coupled outputs for CV control of synths and FX provide a powerful toolkit for keeping the creativity flowing in the studio.

The “SSL 4K Sound”

The Legacy 4K buttons bring an all-analogue enhancement effect inspired by the personality of an SSL 4000-series console (also known as '4K'). They combine a forward yet musical-sounding high-frequency EQ boost with a subtle analogue distortion with finely tuned harmonic content to deliver the presence and edge associated with the legendary SSL 4000 console. 

Get Creative from the start

To get users started immediately, the SSL 12 comes with the SSL Production Pack (a collection of must-have virtual instruments, plug-ins, samples, and DAWs) that helps to bring your productions to life.

Plugins include the SSL Vocalstrip 2 and Drumstrip channel strips, IK Multimedia Amplitube 5 SE, Celemony Melodyne Essential, Native Instruments Hybrid Keys and Komplete Start, and AAS Session bundle plugins. It comes with Ableton Live 11 Lite and 1.5 GB samples from Loopcloud.

SSL has also included three months subscription to their free SSL Complete, Autotune Unlimited and Arcade by Output. 

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