Solid State Logic SSL UF8 Advanced DAW Controller (B-stock)

DAW Controller

CAP2: 87000.0
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The Solid State Logic UF8 is a control surface offering superior DAW-based production workflows thanks to advanced workflows and powerful new software.

The Solid State Logic UF8 is the result of over forty years of production workflows and studio ergonomics that have made SSL consoles real studio workhorses. This experience now translates into a premium USB controller with a premium finish. 

Superior workflow based on 40+ years of experience

The UF8 offers advanced workflows not found in other controllers. For example, it offers simultaneous access to multiple DAWs with precise navigation. A multi-purpose Master Encoder can be used with DAW timeline access, track banking and mouse wheel emulation. furthermore, it includes dual-purpose selection keys allowing for quick access to certain functions. Mute and Solo clearing are also provided for Pro Tools and Logic Pro. It also includes Channel and Plugin control modes offering improved superior workflows with Pro Tools with easy access to sends and plug-ins without getting in the way of creativity.

Highly Configurable and Expandable

The SSL UF8 comes with 43 assignable user keys accessible across five configurable banks offering the option to configure essential keyboard shortcuts and macros. Furthermore, several controllers can be used together to create larger mixing systems using the THRU port. With up to four controllers together, it is possible to create a 32-channel production hub. An additional USB port allows for the safe connection of an iLok.

The UF8 also features a built-in adjustable stand offering six different angles for optimum comfort. The UF8 can also be installed in a rack with rack mount kits allowing it to fit at the centre of an Origin console or any 19” rack or desk.

The UF8 is powered by a new 360° software application which offers fast configuration and admin control. When used with an expanded system, its drag and drop configurations make it extremely easy to create customised access to each individual controller. This new app lets you customise workflows and define up to 3 layers for simultaneous control for a smooth workflow

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