Solid State Logic SSL THE BUS+

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The Solid State Logic The Bus+ is the next-generation SSL Bus compressor with a raft of powerful features to make it one of the most versatile compressor.

The Solid State Logic The Bus+ remains faithful to the original bus compressor found on the SSL 4000 B Console. At its core, it uses 2181 THAT VCAs delivering the classic VCA punch and glue. 

Sonically, the Bus+ offers a new level of flexibility starting with a choice between the clean SuperAnalogue 9000 series or the grittier 4000E at the press of a button. It also includes a low THD mode that reduces low-frequency distortion that happens with compression, delivering a clean solid low-end. The Bus+ also adds a Feedback mode for a more relaxed or vintage compression style. 

The Bus+ also now includes a brand new Dynamic Equaliser with two bands. Each band can be selected to work in compression or expander mode. the Dynamic Equaliser can be used before or after the bus compression. A variable side-chain high-pass filter lets you reduce the amount of bass fed into the detection circuit up to 300Hz in 10Hz increments.

The SSL Bus+ also offers different modes, from Classic Stereo akin to the original Bus compressor, Dual Mono, S/C Stereo or Mid/Side. A Mix control also offers instant parallel compression.

The Bus+ also includes an extensive range of compression ratios including small ratios (1.3, 1.5) useful for mastering, more obvious ratios for mix bus or drum buss situations. Negative ratios are also provided to create obvious pumping effects or even new compression sounds unachievable any other way.

All controls are stepped for precise settings and easy recalls making the Bus+ ideal as a mastering compressor.

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