Solid State Logic SSL Ultraviolet 500 Series Module

CAP2: 39083.0
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The Solid State Logic Ultraviolet is a 500-series 4-band stereo EQ using the same minimum phase-shift design as the EQ section of the highly popular Fusion.

The Solid State Logic Ultraviolet features the same high and low-band of the Fusion, but adds two fully parametric additional mid-bands for further tone shaping capabilities. These two mid-bands also included a Focus mode which when pressed, increases the gain beyond the regular +/-9dB operation as well as narrowing the Q transforming it into a more surgical tool. 

The SSL Ultraviolet is a powerful EQ that can be used on the mixbuss or stereo instruments, drawing inspiration from SSL's legacy with careful frequency selections and response curves to ensure a musical and intuitive EQ. Used in tandem with the classic 500 Series SSL Bus Compressor, the Ultraviolet is a powerful too to quickly get a “radio-ready” sound for your mix.

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