SOMA Cosmos

Creative looper and performance effects

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Versatile ambient looper inspired by Frippertronics, offering dynamic and evolving looping with four creative algorithms: Dual Delay lines, Four delay Lines, a vast Reverb, and an asynchronous Granular looper. It features five footswitches for hands-free control, including filters, Reverse, Erase, and Record buttons. The delays offer controls like Blur, Drift, and Drive for unique effects, while the Sup/Com function allows audio buffer manipulation. With feedback and Mix adjustments, users can fine-tune the wet/dry signal. Additionally, it has a USB Flash drive connection for upgrades, operating at 32-bit/48kHz with high-grade audio converters and op-amp.

At a glance

  • Realtime Looper
  • Effects processor
  • 4 FX algorithms with 3 variations each
  • Two Delays, Four Delays, Giant Reverb, Granular Delay
  • Reverse Mode
  • Overdrive
  • Highpass & Lowpass Filter (switchable in steps)
  • Suppressor/Compressor
  • High musicality
  • Signal conversion 24 respectively 32 bit at 48 kHz
  • High quality op-amps from Burr Brown
  • Alternative firmwares available

The Soma Cosmos is a powerful ambient looper inspired by the legendary Frippertronics that lets you shift and mangle your sound over time, adding dynamic and evolving looping full of character.

The Soma Cosmos is a digital looper operating at 32-bit/48kHz using high-grade Cirrus Logic audio converters and a Burr-Brown op-amp. It features four different algorithms that change that offer creative and evocative textures:

  • Dual Delay lines
  • Four delay Lines
  • Reverb: A digital reverb based on a Hall of gigantic proportions measuring in kilometres. 
  • Granular: Asynchronous granular looper which works by scrubbing through the memory buffer randomly 

This loop pedal also boasts five footswitches for hands-free operation, allowing users to play their instrument while controlling the effects. These include high-pass and Low-pass filters, Reverse as well as a short Erase and a Record button. 

Additional controls of the delays feature a Blur control which sends cross-feedbacks between delay-lines creating a smearing effect. A Drift function adds slow panning modulations while the Drive adds crunch and saturation. On the right-hand side, a Sup/Com control lets you overwrite the audio buffer with new incoming sound or emphasise softer sounds with an auto-levelling. Feedback increases the amount of the repeats while Mix lets you adjust the amount of wet/dry signal.

The Soma includes a USB Flash drive connection at the back that are used for upgrades.

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