SOMA Enner Night Frog

Desktop Synthesizer

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Highly expressive and innovative analogue synthesizer that relies on the artist's touch to create a wide range of sounds, from bits and pads to FX, glitches, and more. Its unique design incorporates touch-sensitive pads, metallic pots, and a piezo pickup, allowing the musician to manipulate the sound through physical interaction. Notably, ENNER features a filter array with stereo capabilities, a modulated stereo delay, a five-voice synthesizer with individual tuning, a rhythmic synth, and the ability to capture acoustic sounds from its casing. It also offers external audio processing. Developed in collaboration with sound artist SiSTOR, ENNER's front panel design and name add an artistic dimension to its impressive sonic capabilities.

At a glance

  • Expressive analogue synthesizer
  • Touch-sensitive pads for sound manipulation
  • Metallic pots that function as inputs/outputs
  • Piezo pickup for capturing acoustic sounds
  • Filter array with stereo capabilities
  • Modulated stereo delay
  • Five-voice synthesizer with individual tuning
  • Rhythmic synth with master generator
  • Static pink noise output
  • External audio processing via EXT socket
  • Collaboration with sound artist SiSTOR for design and naming.

The Soma Enner is a unique analogue synthesizer that uses the human body to interact and manage all signals and can create anything from pads, FX, noise, clicks, glitches and much more.

The Soma Enner's unique design makes it possible for any musician to explore rich soundscapes and create exciting performances on its own. By using contact pads, knobs and even a piezo microphone, Your body becomes part of the synth architecture, using a different part of your fingers, palms to provide different amounts of pressure to control volume, timbre, feedback and other parameters of the synthesizer. It makes use of the human skin’s complex electric properties and non-linear dependence of conductivity to affect the synth parameters in the most organic way possible.

In addition to the touch plates, the pots are also metallic and can be used as inputs and outputs, modifying the parameters but also the audio signal patch.

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