SOMA Lyra-8 [Black]

Desktop Synthesizer

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Innovative organismic desktop analogue synthesizer containing 8 voices, built-in delay distortion and modulation as well as eight touch sensor keys.

At a glance

  • Revolutionary non-linear, organismic desktop analog synthesizer.
  • Eight captivating voices.
  • Built-in delay distortion.
  • External Control Voltage (CV) and the
  • Hyper Low-Frequency Oscillator (LFO).
  • Eight touch-sensitive keys.
  • Independent Voice Control
  • Two touch-sensitive envelopes within each oscillator for expressive tonal manipulation.
  • Hold Function Maintains Attack-Decay (AD) connections effortlessly 
  • Fast control. for precise envelope responses with precision
  • Frequency Modulation (FM)
  • Dedicated Vibrato Frequency for each voice
  • Dual-square wave Hyper LFO for intricate sonic layering.
  • Extensive LFO Modulation
  • Integrated Effects: including delay, distortion, and gain modules.
  • External Signal Processing: 
  • Precision Distortion
  • Limitless Creative Possibilities: Musicians and creators from all backgrounds can harness boundless creative potential.
The Soma Lyra-8 is an innovative organismic desktop analogue synthesizer containing eight voices, built-in delay distortion and modulation, and eight touch sensor keys.

The Soma Lyra-8 is a powerful drone and noise machine using complex, non-hierarchical relationships between the modules. It connects them in non-linear paths akin to the organ structures of living creatures, hence "Organismic".

Unleash your musical creativity with the Soma Lyra-8, an avant-garde organismic desktop analogue synthesizer that redefines the boundaries of sound generation. With eight mesmerizing voices, integrated delay distortion, and modulation wizardry, this instrument transcends the ordinary and takes you on an extraordinary sonic journey.

Organic Harmony in Your Hands

The Lyra-8's unique design mirrors the intricate structures found in nature, allowing you to weave complex, non-hierarchical relationships between its modules. Just as living creatures exhibit non-linear connections in their organs, the Lyra-8 invites you to sculpt sound in ways that defy convention, from ethereal chords to mesmerizing FM textures. It's the perfect tool for crafting ambient landscapes or unleashing a storm of sonic chaos with feedback and distortion.

Responsive and Expressive

Each of the eight voices has touch-sensitive envelopes triggered by metallic pads. A convenient Hold function keeps your AD connections intact, freeing your hands for a more tactile tonal experience. Fine-tune your sonic artistry with the Fast control, adding an extra layer of expressiveness to your compositions.

Limitless Modulation

Dive deeper into sound manipulation with External Control Voltage (CV) and the Hyper Low-Frequency Oscillator (LFO). These versatile tools allow you to chart your modulation course, with modulation depth easily adjustable through oscillators. Create shimmering, vibrant effects or push the boundaries of sonic experimentation to the extreme.

Endless Soundscapes

The Lyra-8 doesn't stop at synthesis—it's a complete soundscaping powerhouse. Integrated Frequency Modulation (FM), LFO, vibrato, and delay effects offer a rich palette for your sonic adventures. Explore 81 combinations in the FM section alone, with each voice boasting its unique vibrato frequency.

Sculpt Chaos or Evoke Serenity

All voices journey through the delay, distortion, and gain modules, transforming your sounds into something extraordinary. The dual delay lines share a feedback path with the potential for self-oscillation, adding a new dimension to your sonic canvas. Dial in precision modulation depth via the Hyper LFO, external CV, or the delay line's output, and embrace sound's unpredictable, chaotic beauty.

Your Sonic Odyssey Awaits

In essence, the Soma Lyra-8 is not just an instrument; it's an unconventional work of art yearning to be played and explored. It transcends genre and welcomes artists from diverse backgrounds to embark on a journey of limitless creative possibilities. Whether you seek stunning evolving ambient textures or aim to construct a formidable wall of noise, the Lyra-8 is your passport to a universe of sound waiting to be discovered.

Unleash your inner sonic explorer with the Soma Lyra-8. Elevate your music to new heights and experience the pure magic of organic innovation.

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