SOMA Lyra-8 [Blue]

Desktop Synthesizer

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Innovative organismic desktop analogue synthesizer containing 8 voices, built-in delay distortion and modulation as well as eight touch sensor keys.

At a glance

  • Revolutionary non-linear, organismic desktop analog synthesizer.
  • Eight captivating voices.
  • Built-in delay distortion.
  • External Control Voltage (CV) and the
  • Hyper Low-Frequency Oscillator (LFO).
  • Eight touch-sensitive keys.
  • Independent Voice Control
  • Two touch-sensitive envelopes within each oscillator for expressive tonal manipulation.
  • Hold Function Maintains Attack-Decay (AD) connections effortlessly 
  • Fast control. for precise envelope responses with precision
  • Frequency Modulation (FM)
  • Dedicated Vibrato Frequency for each voice
  • Dual-square wave Hyper LFO for intricate sonic layering.
  • Extensive LFO Modulation
  • Integrated Effects: including delay, distortion, and gain modules.
  • External Signal Processing: 
  • Precision Distortion
  • Limitless Creative Possibilities: Musicians and creators from all backgrounds can harness boundless creative potential.

The Soma Lyra-8 is a groundbreaking organismic desktop analogue synthesizer boasting eight voices, a built-in delay distortion and modulation system, and eight responsive touch sensor keys.

The Soma Lyra-8 is a formidable drone and noise machine characterized by intricate, non-hierarchical connections among its modules. These connections follow non-linear pathways reminiscent of the organic structures in living beings, earning it the moniker "Organismic."

Unlock your musical ingenuity with the Soma Lyra-8, an avant-garde desktop analogue synthesizer that pushes the boundaries of sound creation. With its mesmerizing array of eight voices, integrated delay distortion, and modulation sorcery, this instrument defies convention and embarks on an extraordinary auditory expedition.

Unveil the Organic Heartbeat: Eight Voices of Imagination

At the core of the Lyra-8 are its eight voices, each a potential canvas for your musical vision. These voices don't just play well together; they engage in complex, non-hierarchical relationships that mirror the intricate structures found in the natural world. This is why we call it "Organismic" - a living, breathing entity within your music studio.

Your Sound, Your Way: Endless Possibilities

Gone are the days of ordinary controls. The Lyra-8 empowers you to sculpt your sound in ways you never thought possible. Instead of the usual VCOs with limited options, each of these eight voices can be an independent powerhouse or a daring modulator for another, giving you the keys to everything from serene harmonies to exhilarating FM textures. Whether you're creating lush ambient compositions or pushing the boundaries with feedback and distortion, the Lyra-8 rises to the occasion.

Touch the Future: Intuitive Control at Your Fingertips

Feel the music like never before with the Lyra-8's touch-sensitive envelopes triggered by metallic pads. The innovative Hold function lets you maintain those all-important Attack-Decay connections, while the Fast control invites you to redefine envelope responses on the fly.

Modulation Unleashed: Craft Sonic Landscapes

Explore new realms of sound modulation with External CV and the Hyper Low-Frequency Oscillator (LFO). Route your creativity to multiple destinations and fine-tune modulation depth with oscillators. The Lyra-8 is your ticket to unparalleled sonic landscapes, from ethereal effects to audacious sonic destruction.

A Symphony of Effects: Beyond the Ordinary

But that's not all - this analogue synth is packed with extra FX to elevate your music further. Dive into integrated Frequency Modulation (FM), LFO, vibrato, and delay. With three 4-way switches, you'll access an astonishing 81 sonic combinations. Plus, each voice gets its dedicated vibrato frequency.

Hyper LFO: Control the Chaos

The Hyper LFO, featuring two separately tuned square-wave oscillators, lets you sculpt your sound with precision. Add them together using "OR" logic or multiply their power with "AND" mode. For the adventurous, link both LFOs, with LFO A modulating the frequency of LFO B.

Sonic Sorcery: Delay and Distortion

All voices pass through the delay, distortion, and gain modules, which can also process external signals via the audio input. The delay section boasts two delay lines sharing a feedback path. Watch feedback transform into self-oscillation, adding an extra layer of complexity. Modulate easily via the Hyper LFO, external CV, or the delay line's output. The distortion section follows with drive control and a Dry/Wet mix knob for unmatched distortion control.

Your Sonic Odyssey Awaits

The Soma Lyra-8 is not just an instrument; it's an unconventional and captivating journey waiting to be embarked upon. Musicians from diverse backgrounds will revel in its boundless creative possibilities, whether crafting evolving ambient textures or summoning the raw power of a formidable noise wall.

Dare to explore, innovate, and redefine your sonic horizons with the Soma Lyra-8. Elevate your music to new heights and join the ranks of artists who have embraced its organic, futuristic allure. Experience the Lyra-8 today and awaken your musical genius.

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