SOMA Lyra-8 [Pink]

Desktop Synthesizer

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Innovative organismic desktop analogue synthesizer containing 8 voices, built-in delay distortion and modulation as well as eight touch sensor keys.

At a glance

  • Revolutionary non-linear, organismic desktop analog synthesizer.
  • Eight captivating voices.
  • Built-in delay distortion.
  • External Control Voltage (CV) and the
  • Hyper Low-Frequency Oscillator (LFO).
  • Eight touch-sensitive keys.
  • Independent Voice Control
  • Two touch-sensitive envelopes within each oscillator for expressive tonal manipulation.
  • Hold Function Maintains Attack-Decay (AD) connections effortlessly 
  • Fast control. for precise envelope responses with precision
  • Frequency Modulation (FM)
  • Dedicated Vibrato Frequency for each voice
  • Dual-square wave Hyper LFO for intricate sonic layering.
  • Extensive LFO Modulation
  • Integrated Effects: including delay, distortion, and gain modules.
  • External Signal Processing: 
  • Precision Distortion
  • Limitless Creative Possibilities: Musicians and creators from all backgrounds can harness boundless creative potential.

The Soma Lyra-8 is a revolutionary organismic desktop analogue synthesiser with eight sounds, an integrated delay distortion and modulation system, and eight responsive touch sensor keys.

The Soma Lyra-8 is a powerful drone and noise machine with extensive, non-hierarchical linkages among its modules. These connections follow non-linear patterns resembling organic structures in biological creatures, meaning "Organismic."

With the Soma Lyra-8, an avant-garde desktop analogue synthesiser that pushes the frontiers of sound production, you may unleash your musical creativity. This instrument defies convention and starts on an astonishing aural journey with its mesmerising array of eight voices, integrated delay distortion, and modulation magic.

Harmonies Beyond Imagination

Prepare for an extraordinary auditory voyage with the Soma Lyra-8, an avant-garde organismic desktop analogue synthesizer that redefines the art of sound creation. Dive into a world of sonic wonder, where eight voices harmonize seamlessly, integrated delay distortion adds depth, and modulation artistry unlocks boundless possibilities – all through the intuitive interface of eight touch-sensitive keys.

Breaking Sonic Boundaries

The Lyra-8's audacious design transcends tradition. Bid farewell to conventional Voltage-Controlled Oscillators (VCOs) with mundane waveform and tuning controls. Here, each of the eight voices operates independently or as a potential modulator for others. This dynamic flexibility empowers you to shift from mellifluous chord progressions to the thrilling domain of frequency modulation (FM) textures. Whether you're crafting ethereal ambient soundscapes or plunging headlong into uncharted sonic experiments with feedback and distortion, the Lyra-8 stands poised to deliver.

Captivating Expressiveness

You'll unearth two touch-sensitive envelopes activated by the metallic pads within each oscillator. An ingenious Hold function allows you to sustain Attack-Decay (AD) connections, freeing your hands for even more expressive tonal manipulation. Precision reigns as you fine-tune envelope responses with Fast control, ushering in a realm of sonic potential.

Mastery of Modulation

Elevate your auditory tapestry with additional modulation options through External Control Voltage (CV) and the Hyper Low-Frequency Oscillator (LFO), offering versatile routing to various destinations. Thanks to a pair of oscillators, the modulation depth rests at your fingertips, enabling you to craft everything from effervescent, shimmering effects to audacious sonic experiments.

Integrated Sonic Alchemy

The Lyra-8 doesn't stop at modulation – it introduces various integrated effects to propel your creative boundaries. Immerse yourself in the Frequency Modulation (FM) section, accessed through three intuitive 4-way switches, yielding 81 potential combinations. Each voice boasts its dedicated vibrato frequency, adding layers of richness to your sonic palette.

Hyper LFO Exploration

The Hyper LFO, housing dual square-wave oscillators, ushers complexity to your sonic canvas. Merge them with "OR" logic for harmonious fusion or multiply their effects through "AND" mode for intricate sonic layers. For the ultimate sonic odyssey, link both LFOs, with LFO A modulating the frequency of LFO B.

Crafting Sonic Sculptures

All voices traverse the delay, distortion, and gain modules, reshaping your sonic landscape with every note. These modules extend their reach beyond internal voices, embracing external signals through the audio input, expanding your creative horizons. The Delay section boasts two delay lines that share a feedback path, their modulation depth controlled by the Hyper LFO, external CV, or the delay line's output. This opens the door to wild and unpredictable sonic adventures. Following the delay, the distortion section offers precision control, with a drive knob and a Dry/Wet mix knob enabling meticulous sound sculpting.

Your Gateway to Sonic Discovery

The Soma Lyra-8 isn't just a musical instrument; it's an unconventional masterpiece, a gateway to uncharted sonic realms. Musicians and creators from all walks of life will be spellbound by the limitless creative opportunities it affords – from crafting evolving ambient soundscapes to summoning towering walls of sonic brilliance. The Lyra-8 is your passport to a sonic universe ready to be explored.

Elevate Your Music

Experience the Lyra-8 today and redefine your sonic identity. Your symphony of endless possibilities awaits!

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