SOMA Ornament-8

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The Soma Ornament-8 is an analogue sequencer that shatters traditional concepts of analogue sequencers with eight independent cells determining the sequencer’s topology. 

The Soma Ornament-8 replaces the traditional step sequencer topology with a complex organismic structure resembling that used by neural networks, including eight independent cells each with an independent Time control. The Time control in effect works as a delay line that sets the time between the received trigger signal and its own trigger. Set and Rest buttons place each cell in an active or inactive state. Output CV provides a ramp or down based on the mode selected until the charge capacitor reaches the threshold which then outputs a trigger. The time it takes to do so is controlled via the Time knob.

For loop-based behaviour, a cell needs to connect to another cell with an initial trigger. A Three-way toggle switch controls the behaviour of the trigger switching between active and inactive (invert trigger) time as well as muting entirely. 

The Ornament-8 includes CV inputs and outputs for each cell on binding posts which connect with alligator clips cables including dedicated outputs for Soma’s Lyra-8 and Pulsar-23. For the Lyra-8 an adapter is available which connects to the pads magnetically and provides binding posts.

The Ornament 8 offers a wide range of sequencing options from deterministic to incredibly chaotic with a tendency towards unpredictability. The Ornament-8 will open a wide range of sequencing possibilities.

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