SOMA The Pipe (Black)

Voice / breath / mouth-controlled dynamic FX processor and synthesizer

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Groundbreaking mouth-controlled synthesizer and FX processor featuring 12 diverse algorithms, ergonomic controls, and a responsive contact microphone with touch sensors. This innovative instrument transforms your voice into a versatile FX synthesizer by responding to mouth-generated sounds. It offers precise control through a rotary selector and additional adjustments for virtual resonators, size, and decay. The 12 algorithms cover a wide range of musical styles. The Soma Pipe also includes tactile knobs, an activation touch sensor, and multi-function controls tailored to specific algorithms. Its striking design resembles traditional wind instruments, with an all-metal enclosure and captivating red LED lighting. Ergonomic handles, XLR connections, and compatibility with external sources enhance its usability, making it ideal for live performances.

At a glance

  • Dynamic vocal effects processor with 12 unique algorithms
  • Comprised of a handheld piece and breakout box for audio output and power
  • Sensitive contact mic is easily influenced by subtle motions like breath and lip position
  • Onboard effects selector knob and parameter control knobs for extensive control mid-performance
  • 1/4" input for external signals
  • Includes mic with Standard response (emphasized mids for a warm sound)
  • Additional mic responses available with Flat and Bassy mics (sold separately)

The Soma Pipe is a mouth-controlled synthesizer and FX processor with 12 different algorithms, ergonomic controls and a high-quality contact microphone with touch sensors.

The Soma Pipe changes your voice into a unique and flexible FX synthesizer. It works by signing, breathing or making any sound with your mouth against the contact mic. A rotary control offers an easy selection of the 12 algorithms covering anything from beats, leads and soundscapes. 

The algorithms work, but two virtual resonators that are tuned according to the selected algorithms. Additional controls include size and decay for the resonators. The 12 algorithms include:

  • Orpheus
  • Filterra
  • Synth
  • Reverb
  • Madelay
  • Pulse
  • Bass Drum 1
  • Bass Drum 2
  • Bass Drum 3
  • Octava
  • Generator
  • Harcho

The Pipe also includes a range of controls that cover knobs, an activation touch sensor and three multi-function controls that offer algorithm-specific functions, which can cover filters, reverb/delay amount and much more. The activation touch sensor lets the sound pass through when activated and cuts when released. This offers an additional level of playability resembling that of traditional instrument players. A second touch sensor activates or deactivates the FX related to the selected algorithm.

The Pipe has a striking look that resembles a traditional wind instrument such as a saxophone. Its all-metal enclosure and flowing red LED make for a noteworthy look. The unit includes on either side ergonomic handles to comfortably hold the instrument. A breakout box provides XLR connections to connect the Pipe to a mixer or interface. It also includes Mic and jack inputs to connect external sources. Although it is light, an M4 thread allows for a neck strap for ultimate comfort in live situations.

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