SOMA Terra Organic Light – polyphonic synthesiser

Polyphonic Microtonal Synthesiser

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The groundbreaking fusion of nature and technology, balancing simplicity and versatility at its core. This innovative device features a seemingly simple interface that conceals a complex polyphonic, microtonal synthesizer, offering a wide sonic palette ranging from classical tones to atonal noise. Its unique keyboard design enables precise tuning and novel playing techniques, while sensors and motion capabilities enhance expressive control. Terra boasts 32 digital synthesis algorithms, emphasizing musical creativity over technical programming. It combines acoustic instruments' tactile connection with synthesisers' flexibility and features an analogue component for a rich sound. Crafted from solid wood, each Terra is unique, showcasing a brass logo on the wooden casing. It embodies the future of synthesis with a minimalist interface and integrated FX processor, making it a powerful standalone instrument for live and studio use.

At a glance

  • Fusion of Nature and Technology
  • Wide and Flexible Sound Palette
  • Innovative Keyboard Design with Full Range
  • Precision Tuning (125 Steps per Semitone)
  • Manual Control of Attack and Vibrato
  • Three-Axis Motion Sensor for Modulations
  • 32 Complex Synthesis Algorithms
  • Intuitive Interface with LED-Sensor Triangle
  • Built-In FX Processor for Stereo Output
  • Solid Wood Housing for Unique Aesthetics

The Soma Terra Organic Light Polyphonic Synthesiser is an innovative device that embodies a profound concept at its core—the fusion of nature and technology, meticulously balanced between simplicity and versatility. Beneath its deceptively simple interface lies a sophisticated polyphonic, microtonal synthesizer with a wide-ranging and adaptable sonic palette. This palette spans from classical, enchanting tones to intricate atonal textures, seamlessly transitioning between these sonic extremes.

One of Terra's groundbreaking features is its keyboard design, which accommodates a full grand piano range and allows for precise tuning of each note with an incredible accuracy of 125 steps per semitone. Achieving this expansive range with such an elegant keyboard involves a unique pitch-shifting system employing four additional sensors. Different combinations of these sensors yield 16 variations of keyboard transposing, including shifts of up to three octaves in both directions, fifths, fourths, thirds, and more.

Beyond its remarkable range, Terra introduces fresh approaches to playing melodies and chords. The keyboard comprises 12-note sensors with velocity and pressure sensitivity, enabling manual creation of slow attack and vibrato effects. Additionally, it incorporates four dynamic sensors for timbre modification and control, four pitch-shifting sensors, and two hold sensors for maintaining the timbre and note states.

Within Terra resides a three-axis motion sensor, allowing for a diverse array of modulations through intuitive hand and body movements.

Terra is a digital marvel equipped with 32 complex synthesis algorithms, each thoughtfully crafted to function as a complete and flexible musical instrument in its own right. This design eliminates the need for musicians to delve into exhaustive programming and adjust numerous parameters to create a single timbre. Instead, Terra empowers musicians to focus directly on their music and performances, letting their imagination and inspiration flow freely.

Terra seamlessly combines the tactile, intuitive connection of acoustic instruments with the adaptability and versatility of synthesizers. It draws inspiration from the design principles of the LYRA-8 while also incorporating innovative concepts from ReFLEX, charting a path toward the future of synthesis.

Despite its advanced capabilities, Terra boasts an elegantly simple interface that provides instant access to all its functions with just a few touches, including saving and loading the 96 presets stored directly on the playing sensors. Terra forgoes the need for a conventional display, instead utilizing a six-LED sensor triangle in its centre for data presentation and adjustment.

Furthermore, Terra incorporates a built-in FX processor, ensuring its stereo output is ready for immediate use, transforming it into a standalone performance instrument. While its sound generation is digital, Terra incorporates a custom-built, high-quality analogue component that imbues its output with a rich, natural, clear, and powerful sound.

The Terra's housing is meticulously crafted from a solid piece of wood, making each instrument a unique and subtly distinct work of art. Its brass signature logo is embedded in the wooden case, adding to its aesthetic appeal. The accompanying synth prototype is showcased in the photo and announcement demo video.

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