SOMA The Pipe (White)

Voice / breath / mouth-controlled dynamic FX processor and synthesizer

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Innovative mouth-controlled synthesizer and FX processor, equipped with 12 diverse algorithms, ergonomic controls, and a high-quality contact microphone with touch sensors. This unique instrument transforms your voice into a versatile FX synthesizer, responding to vocalizations and mouth sounds against the contact mic. It offers precise control over its algorithms, utilizing virtual resonators that can be tailored using size and decay parameters. The algorithms cover a wide range of musical styles, from beats to leads and soundscapes. The Pipe also includes tactile knobs, an activation touch sensor, and multi-function controls for algorithm-specific adjustments. Its striking design resembles a traditional wind instrument, featuring an all-metal enclosure with dynamic red LED lighting and ergonomic handles. With connectivity options like XLR, microphone, and jack inputs, as well as the ability to attach a neck strap for live performances, the Soma Pipe is a versatile and visually captivating musical instrument.

At a glance

  • Dynamic vocal effects processor with 12 unique algorithms
  • Comprised of a handheld piece and breakout box for audio output and power
  • Sensitive contact mic is easily influenced by subtle motions like breath and lip position
  • Onboard effects selector knob and parameter control knobs for extensive control mid-performance
  • 1/4" input for external signals
  • Includes mic with Standard response (emphasized mids for a warm sound)
  • Additional mic responses available with Flat and Bassy mics (sold separately)

The Soma Pipe is a cutting-edge mouth-controlled synthesizer and FX processor featuring an array of 12 distinct algorithms, intuitive ergonomic controls, and a top-notch contact microphone enhanced with touch sensors.

The Soma Pipe empowers you to transform your voice into a one-of-a-kind and highly adaptable FX synthesizer. It operates effortlessly, responding to your singing, breathing, or oral sound interaction with the integrated contact microphone. A user-friendly rotary control facilitates the selection of 12 diverse algorithms, from pulsating beats to mesmerizing leads and immersive soundscapes.

These algorithms operate via two virtual resonators meticulously tuned by your chosen algorithm. You'll also have the freedom to adjust the size and decay parameters for the resonators. The impressive lineup of 12 algorithms comprises:

  1. Orpheus
  2. Filterra
  3. Synth
  4. Reverb
  5. Madelay
  6. Pulse
  7. Bass Drum 1
  8. Bass Drum 2
  9. Bass Drum 3
  10. Octava
  11. Generator
  12. Harcho

Furthermore, the Soma Pipe boasts an array of controls, including tactile knobs, an activation touch sensor, and three versatile multi-function controls, tailor-made for algorithm-specific adjustments. These controls offer fine-tuned manipulation, enabling you to modulate filters, adjust reverb/delay intensity, and much more. The activation touch sensor allows sound to pass through when engaged, cutting off when released, delivering a level of playability reminiscent of traditional instrument virtuosos. A second touch sensor activates or deactivates FX functions linked to your selected algorithm.

Beyond its innovative capabilities, the Soma Pipe exhibits an eye-catching design reminiscent of classical wind instruments like the saxophone. Encased in a robust all-metal construction, accentuated by dynamic red LED lighting, it captures attention effortlessly. The instrument's ergonomic handles on either side ensure a comfortable grip during use. For connectivity, a breakout box provides XLR connections to seamlessly link the Pipe to a mixer or interface, featuring microphone and jack inputs for external sources. Despite its lightweight design, an M4 thread allows for the attachment of a neck strap, ensuring maximum comfort during live performances.

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