Sontronics DM-1S

Snare Drum Condenser Microphone

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£124.17 ex VAT
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Small diaphragm condenser microphone specifically voiced to capture snare drums.

The Sontronics DM-1B is a large diaphragm condenser microphone designed specifically for kick drum and bass cabinets.

The Sontronics DM-1B has been designed to capture the true sound of the kick drum whether you’re trying to capture the beater click, the heavy thump or boomy decay. It has been extensively used and tested by the best producers and engineers.

Sontronics DM-1B Main Features:

  • Large-Diaphragm end-fire condenser microphone for kick drum or bass cabs.
  • Covered by Sontronics' lifetime warranty.
  • Supplied with its yoke-style shockmount in a sturdy aluminium flightcase.
  • Road-tested by producers Flood, Alan Moulder and Mark Rankin.
  • Ideal for kick drum but also gives fantastic results on other bass instruments, especially bass guitar cabs.

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