Sontronics Drumpack Plus

Kick Drum & Bass Condenser Microphone

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Large diaphragm condenser microphone designed specifically for kick drum and bass cabinets.

The Sontronics Drumpack Plus is a seven-piece set of condenser microphones including the award-winning DM-series drum mics.


The Sontronics Drumpack plus includes the DM-1B for kick drum, DM-1S for snare, three DM1T for toms and two STC-10 small diaphragm condenser microphones all housed in a robust, waterproof ABS flight case.


The DM Series of microphones have been carefully designed in the UK by Trevor Coley with the help of top drummers and producers to ensure they beautifully and accurately capture all the characteristics of a drumkit. The DM series of microphones are often used in the studio and on tour, favoured by engineers for their reliability and great sound.


What’s in the box:


DM1-B: Large diaphragm condenser microphone with a cardioid polar pattern, the DM-1B captures the entire dynamic range of the kick drum thanks to is high sensitivity, extremely low self-noise and its ability to handle up to 155dB SPL.


DM-1S: Small diaphragm condenser microphone, the DM-1S has been carefully voiced to bring out the crack and rattle of the snare drum. Its cardioid polar pattern offers useful rejection of the hi-hat and cymbals.


DM-1T: Similar to the DM-1S, the DM-1T is voiced to bring out the boom and resonance of toms.


STC-10: These pencil condenser microphones offer a extremely precise response with Sontronics unique smooth high-frequency roll-off. Ideal for drum overheads, they can also be used for solo percussion or stereo acoustic guitar.


Sontronics Drumpack Plus Main Features:


  • Condenser mic set for drums
  • Seven award-winning microphones
  • Designed specifically for kick, snare and toms
  • Includes two pencil mics for overheads
  • Stunning results in the studio or live
  • As used by Muse, Dave Grohl, Aerosmith and more
  • Supplied in rugged flight case with 6 mic clips
  • Impressive 155db SPL (DM-1B) and 135dB (DM-1S and DM-1T)
  • Covered by Sontronics’ unique Lifetime Warranty
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