Sound Anchors DAW1x 10" x 25"

Workstation stand

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Highly specialised and durable stand designed to support your flat screen monitor, keyboard, and mouse in the recording studio. Its adjustable keyboard platform and video mount provide optimal comfort and accommodate engineers of different sizes. This compact and portable stand can be conveniently stored when not in use and easily upgraded to a DAW2X with an additional kit, offering unmatched versatility for serious audio engineers.

At a glance

  • Rolling base with HD Twin casters
  • Adjustable height
  • 25 in x 10 in a standard platform
  • Adjustable monitor mount
  • Independently adjustable platform and monitor mount height
  • Sound Anchors, and Digital Audio Workstation Stands, are handcrafted in the USA.

The Sound Anchor DAW1X Digital Audio Workstation Stand is the ultimate solution for enhancing your recording studio environment. Specifically designed to provide impeccable support for your flat-screen monitor, keyboard, and mouse, this specialized stand takes your productivity and comfort to new heights.

Durability and Stability Redefined

Engineered with heavy and balanced construction, the DAW1X is built to withstand the demands of daily use in a recording studio setting. Say goodbye to wobbling or instability—this stand is ready to stand strong and endure wear and tear, ensuring a reliable and secure workspace.

Tailored to Your Needs

Featuring height-adjustable components, the DAW1X offers unmatched flexibility and adaptability. Independently adjust the keyboard platform and video mount to achieve the perfect ergonomic position for your specific chair and personal preferences. It's a game-changer for engineers of all sizes, allowing you to work comfortably and efficiently for extended periods.

Compact, Portable, and Future-Proof

Designed to optimize your studio space, the DAW1X boasts a compact form factor that can be easily stored when not in use. But that's not all. This stand is future-proof, as it seamlessly transforms into a DAW2X with the addition of a second REDMOUNT and double support arms. Upgrade your setup effortlessly and expand your capabilities without hassle.

Unleash Your Potential

The Sound Anchor DAW1X Digital Audio Workstation Stand is indispensable for serious audio engineers. Unlock your true potential by organizing your workspace, improving your posture, and maximizing efficiency. Don't settle for less—invest in the stand that offers the perfect blend of reliability, adaptability, and portability. Experience the difference in your studio workflow today.

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