Soundfield DSF-B mkII

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Includes DSF-2 MkII microphone and DSF-3 MKII processor for powerful digital surround and stereo.

The Soundfield DSF-B MkII comprises of the DSF-2 MkII microphone and DSF-3 MKII processor to form a powerful digital surround and stereo recording package

The Soundfield DSF-B MKII provides simultaneous digital surround and stereo recordings at large scale broadcast events like sports stadiums and concert hall venues.

Using the DSF-2 microphone provides a phase coherent single point source ensuring easy collapsing surround material to stereo or mono without loss of information or frequency imbalance. 

Soundfield DSF-B MkII Main Features:

  • Mic gain control
  • Analogue Limiter to catch crowd ‘peaks’ without harsh digital clipping
  • 26 segment LED metering of B-Format, or stereo and M/S
  • Stereo Controls: variable polar pattern, stereo width and Hi-pass fi lter
  • Headphone jack for monitoring
  • Capable of driving a mic cable of up to 250m in length
  • Connection to coaxial cables of up to 1km long (digital o/p)
  • Five segment SoundField B-Format LED input level meters
  • Switchable End Fire and Invert mic orientation
  • Individual Left, Right, Centre, LFE, Left Surround, Right Surround, output level controls
  • 5.1 parameters – Rotate, Front Width, Rear Width, Focus, Polar Patterns
  • Simultaneous surround/stereo outputs on broadcast standard AES3 BNC connectors
  • Word clock in/out 14. Optical ADAT 5.1 surround/stereo output

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