Soundfield SPS200 Kit 2

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Includes the software controlled SPS200 microphone and a Rycote Windshield

The Soundfield SPS200 Kit 2 includes the software controlled SPS200 microphone and a Rycote Windshield.

The Soundfield SPS200 is a software-controlled microphone capable of capturing both 5.1 surround and stereo signal. It uses the same multi-capsule technology developed by Soundfield and found on their high-end microphones.

The SPS200 lightweight design features four low noise condenser capsules powered by standard 48V phantom power. It comes with a short breakout cable which outputs to four XLR connections, which can then be recorded, on four channels into your DAW. For surround decoding, the included Surround Zone software is needed and used directly in your laptop.

Soundfield SPS200 Kit 2 Main Features:

  • Rotate: Allows for full 360° rotation
  • Tilt: Provides ±45° tilt
  • Zoom: Gives effect of zooming in or further away from sound source
  • End Fire: Re-orientates mic for end fire use as opposed to standard ‘side address’
  • Invert: maintains correct three-dimensional perspective in both surround and stereo when microphone is suspended upside down above the sound source
  • Option of six different surround modes: three 5.1 pre-sets, a 6.1 , a 7.1 and an 8-channel pre-set
  • Variable front and rear width
  • Variable rear polar patterns
  • Variable polar patterns
  • Variable stereo width
  • Variable high pass filter
  • Mid/Side encoder

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