Soundfield ST450 MKII Kit 1

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The Soundfield ST450 MkII Kit 1 is a portable, battery-powered surround microphone system with enhanced performance, fine-tuned mic preamp, and versatile signal formats. Capture pristine audio at distances up to 200 meters. Elevate your sound with ease.

The Soundfield ST 450 MkII Kit 1 is a portable, battery-powered surround microphone system comprising the ST450 Microphone, ST450 MkII control unit and a 5 metre mic cable

The Soundfield ST450 MkII includes a brand new mic preamp that offers finer 3dB gain steps and overall increase in gain providing 42dB. Brand new components have been employed in the redesign ensuring a much improved performance including far superior signal to noise ratio. A new approach to converting the program captured by the four microphones also offers notable improvements to the stereo and surround imaging.

The ST450 microphones has been designed with robustness in mind but manages to weigh only 290 gramms making it also extremely portable and can be used at distances of up to 200 metres from the control unit.

ST40MkII provides signal in several formats including, Mono, Stereo, Mid/Side, 5.1 surround and even more all with a single microphone

Soundfield ST450 MkII Kit 1 Main Features:

  • ST450 microphone
  • ST450 MKII Control Unit
  • Improved Preamp
  • Provides 42dB of gain
  • Improved S-to-N ratio
  • 5 metre mic cable
  • B-Format and Stereo Output Cables
  • External DC Power Supply 
  • PFC451 Professional Carry Case
  • Lightweight

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