Soundfreak Modular Dual Filter Oscillator

4U (Buchla) Filter and VCO

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Dual Filter/Oscillator offers two independent filtering circuits, an original Response parameter allowing for resonant low-pass or self-oscillating bandpass configurations, an FM circuit for cutoff frequency control with both CV and audio signals, a dedicated switch for customising filter response to audio-rate modulation, and a DB switch to adjust the filter slope from 24 to 18 dB/oct, all of which collectively expand the original VCS3 design's capabilities.

At a glance

  • Two independent, identical filtering circuits
  • Original Response parameter for versatile sound shaping
  • Self-oscillating bandpass filter mode produces a pure sine wave
  • FM circuit for cutoff frequency control with CV and audio signals
  • Dedicated switch for tailored filter response to audio-rate modulation
  • DB switch for adjustable filter slope from 24 to 18 dB/oct

The Soundfreak Modular Dual Filter/Oscillator is a faithful recreation of the EMS VCS3 filter section, meticulously designed under licence from EMS. This module introduces two independent, identical filtering circuits that draw inspiration from the iconic Filter/Oscillator section of the VCS3, enriched with additional features for modern sound exploration.

Innovative Response Parameter

Maintaining the original's unique Response parameter, this device offers versatility in sound shaping. Users can seamlessly transition between using it as a resonant low-pass filter or a self-oscillating bandpass filter. In its self-oscillating mode, the filter generates a pure sine wave, serving as an audio source for creative sound design.

Advanced FM Circuit Integration

We have integrated an FM circuit to offer unprecedented control over the filter’s cutoff frequency via CV and audio signals. This addition includes a dedicated switch to tailor the filter’s response to audio-rate frequency modulation, allowing for intricate sound textures and dynamics.

Enhanced Filter Slope Control

Including a DB switch enables users to adjust the filter slope from 24 to 18 dB/Oct, significantly broadening the sonic capabilities beyond the traditional VCS3 design. This feature allows more nuanced control over the filter’s characteristics and the overall sound.

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