Soundfreak Modular Envelope Shaper

4U (Buchla) Envelope, VCA and Noise

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Features an integrated VCA, a loopable envelope generator that doubles as an LFO, envelope control over VCA level, four semi-normalled audio inputs, a noise generator with adjustable amplitude and timbre, and voltage-controlled colour adjustments for expansive sonic exploration.

At a glance

  • Integrated VCA and loopable envelope generator capable of LFO functions in the Envelope Shaper
  • Envelope controls VCA level, available as control voltage
  • Four semi-normalled audio inputs for diverse sound sources
  • Noise signal with adjustable amplitude and colour in the Noise Generator
  • Colour control for timbre modification, now with voltage control capability

The Soundfreak Modular Envelope Shaper consists of two integral sections that enhance the sonic capabilities of the VCS3 synthesiser: the Envelope Shaper, positioned on the upper part of the front panel, and the Noise Generator, located on the lower part.

Envelope Shaper Section

Built under licence from EMS, the Envelope Shaper integrates a Voltage-Controlled Amplifier (VCA) with a loopable envelope generator capable of functioning as a Low-Frequency Oscillator (LFO). This setup allows for dynamic control over the VCA level through the envelope, which is also accessible as a control voltage output. It uniquely accommodates up to four distinct audio sources via four semi-normalled audio inputs, fostering a versatile and rich sound design.

Noise Generator Section

The Noise Generator section offers a noise signal with adjustable amplitude and colour. The colour control alters the timbre by filtering out low or high frequencies from the standard white noise signal. Innovatively, this module allows for voltage control over the timbre adjustment feature, thereby broadening the scope of sonic experimentation.

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