Soundfreak Modular Triple VCO

4U (Buchla) Triple VCO

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VCO features three uniquely ranged and waveform-capable independent oscillators, intuitive panel design for ease of use, an extended frequency range for versatile sound and modulation creation, VCS3 matrix compatibility for flexible signal routing, and broad connectivity with Tini-Jax and banana sockets.

At a glance

  • Three independent oscillators for versatile sound generation and modulation
  • Intuitive panel layout with clear oscillator labelling for ease of use
  • Extended frequency range for dual sound and modulation sources
  • Compatible with the VCS3 matrix for flexible signal routing
  • Includes Tini-Jax and banana sockets for broad connectivity

The Soundfreak Modular Triple VCO is a sophisticated assembly of three independent oscillators designed under licence by EMS. Each offers a unique range and waveform capabilities while sharing identical controls. This design ensures versatility and precision in sound generation and modulation, catering to the needs of the professional audio engineer.

Panel Layout and Functionality

From the top downwards, the layout marks the oscillators as 1, 2, and 3, with horizontal lines distinguishing each on the control panel. This intuitive design facilitates easy navigation and adjustment during live performances or studio sessions.

Advanced Frequency Range and Modulation Capabilities

The pioneering VCS3 oscillators, renowned for their extensive frequency range that dips well below the audible spectrum, inspire the Triple VCO. This expansive range allows it to be used as both a sound generator and a modulation source. The Soundfreak Modular Triple VCO integrates seamlessly with the VCS3 matrix, offering flexible and immediate signal routing that enhances creative potential.

Integration and Connectivity

In the professional 4U format, which maintains a clear distinction between sound generation and modulation, the Triple VCO includes both Tini-Jax and banana sockets. This ensures high compatibility and ease of integration with a wide range of equipment, making it a versatile addition to any modular setup.

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