SP Acoustics SP-1MLA (Pair)

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£10,700.00 ex VAT
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Active 3 way studio monitor - Landscape (Pair)

The SP Acoustics SP1MLA is an active, three-way studio monitor ideal for mid-field, main and mastering applications.

A combination of classic Class A/B amplification coupled with high-resolution digital crossovers conspires to make these monitors a serious package that studio engineers can rely on. Clarity and lack of harmonic distortion help instil confidence and the smooth, time correct bass response gives instant information about what is really happening in the mix. Smoothing the workflow and increasing productivity.

Both the SP1MA and SP1MLA have brought the traditional sealed enclosure design up to date with some of the most advanced modern mechanical and electronic components. The combination of Infinite Baffle design and UHVC driver mechanics provide a fast musical monitor with great time-domain performance. While the three channels of Class A/B amplification ensure minimal phase errors and consistent off-axis response.

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