Spectra 1964 STX 100 D

500 Series Mic Preamp

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Masterfully crafted 500 Series module that resurrects the revered microphone preamplifier circuit from the iconic 1964-1971 Stax consoles, delivering the legendary Spectra sound in a modern, space-efficient format. It proudly incorporates the iconic 101 amplifier circuit, renowned for its rich harmonics, low noise, and ample headroom. Constructed with an all-discrete topology and equipped with high-quality US-made components, the STX 100D ensures uncompromised audio fidelity. Manufactured in the US, with over 95% of components sourced from top-tier US or European suppliers, this unit represents the perfect fusion of historical sonic excellence and contemporary engineering. It is ideal for professionals aiming to infuse their recordings with the timeless and distinct Spectra signature sound.

At a glance

  • Adapts the revered Stax console preamp circuit into a 500 Series Lunch Box format.
  • Retains the full harmonic, low noise, and high headroom qualities of the original Spectra Sonics amplifiers.
  • Integrates the iconic 101 amplifier for the distinct Spectra sound.
  • Features pure, all-discrete circuitry for authentic sound preservation.
  • Includes dual 101 amplifier modules and US-made transformers in a compact lunchbox format.
  • Preserves classic Spectra sound quality without the limitations of typical lunchbox devices.
  • Crafted in the US, upholding the highest standards of manufacturing.
  • Sources over 95% of components from top-tier US or European suppliers.
  • Merges historical sonic excellence with modern design, ideal for professional recordings.

The Spectra 1964 STX 100D is a 500 Series premium adaptation of the revered microphone preamplifier circuit, initially harnessed in the iconic Stax consoles from 1964 to 1971. This exceptional unit is now ingeniously integrated into a compact 500 Series Lunch Box format, marrying timeless sound with contemporary convenience.

The Spectra 1964 STX 100D proudly embodies the sonic legacy of the original Spectra Sonics amplifiers, a staple in distinguished recording studios globally and pivotal in crafting the timeless tracks of legendary artists, including EL&P, Aerosmith, ZZ Top, Yes, John Lennon, and Aretha Franklin. Central to the STX 100D's allure is the iconic 101 amplifier circuit, renowned for its unparalleled harmonic richness, minimal noise and distortion, and expansive headroom.

Spectra 1964's commitment to authenticity and quality is evident in the meticulous design of the STX 100D. It features a meticulously crafted all-discrete topology, incorporating dual 101 amplifier modules and premium US-manufactured input and output transformers. These elements converge in a sleek, single-space 500 series lunchbox unit, ensuring the STX 100D is space-efficient and a powerhouse of pristine audio fidelity.

Despite its compact stature, the STX 100D makes no concessions in performance. The design ethos was centred on reproducing the distinct, full-bodied sonic character of the early Spectra consoles, sans the anomalies and performance constraints often associated with lunchbox format devices. The result is a product that is a testament to Spectra 1964's dedication to sonic excellence and manufacturing prowess.

Proudly crafted at Spectra 1964's Ogden facility in the US, the STX 100D is a testament to superior American engineering. Over 95% of its components are sourced from top-tier US or European suppliers, ensuring each unit meets the company's stringent quality and performance standards.

For the discerning professional seeking to infuse their recordings with the legendary Spectra sound in a modern, space-efficient format, the Spectra 1964 STX 100D is the quintessential choice. Experience the fusion of iconic sound and contemporary design with this exemplary addition to your audio arsenal.

Tech Specs:

  • GAIN: 64dB
  • THD: Less than .03% @20Hz-20KHz
  • SIGNAL/NOISE: Better than 120dB (unweighted)
  • MAXIMUM OUTPUT: +18dBm, 20Hz-20KHz
  • POWER REQUIREMENT: Less than 50mA, +18dBm
  • INPUT/OUTPUT CONTROL: Continuously Variable/3-position pad
  • INPUT IMPEDANCE: 600 Ohm, Nominal
  • OUTPUT IMPEDANCE: Less than 50 Ohms
  • PHANTOM: 48 Volts
  • POLARITY: 180 Degrees/Reverse/Mic or Line Input

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