SPL Channel One Mk3 Recording Channel

Channel Strip

CAP2: 183250.0
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Channel Strip with unparalleled prowess, the SPL Channel One Mk3 represents the pinnacle of audio engineering, artfully blending over two decades of legacy with state-of-the-art innovation. This premier channel strip ensures unmatched sound clarity and meticulous detail through its augmented internal audio voltage and a comprehensive array of features. It includes a discrete preamplifier, versatile dual microphone inputs, and an array of sophisticated processing tools such as the Tube Saturation stage and the Auto-Dynamic De-Esser. With its robust and elegant design, featuring a thick anodized aluminum front panel and a durable steel housing, the Channel One Mk3 not only promises enduring reliability but also delivers an unparalleled auditory experience, setting a new standard of excellence in recording and mixing sessions.

At a glance

  • Enhanced Audio Voltage: Superior sound clarity and detail.
  • Discrete Preamplifier: Precise signal intensity control.
  • Dual Microphone Inputs: Simplifies microphone comparison and switching.
  • Tube Saturation Stage: Harmonic richness and classic warmth.
  • Auto-Dynamic De-Esser: Preserves natural tone while removing sibilance.
  • Transient Designer: Innovative control over signal dynamics.
  • Robust Construction: Durable aluminium front panel and steel housing.
  • Versatile Processing Tools: Equipped for various signal processing needs.
  • Professional Output Control: Compatibility with subsequent devices optimised.

The SPL Channel One Mk3 is the ultimate channel strip, representing a seamless blend of legacy and contemporary innovation. This modern iteration continues a 20-year tradition, standing as a paragon of high-calibre recording and mixing. The Mk3 version is a testament to precision engineering, featuring an enhanced internal audio voltage of +/-18 V for unmatched sound clarity and detail.

Versatility and Superior Sound Quality

Crafted for versatility, the SPL Channel One Mk3 effortlessly accommodates microphone, line, and instrument signals, ensuring each source is transformed into a professionally recorded output. The redesigned SPL Studio Series accentuates the auditory prowess of this 3rd generation marvel, establishing a new benchmark in sonic performance.

Advanced Preamplifier and Microphone Features

The discrete preamplifier of Channel One Mk3 is a testament to meticulous design, featuring a gain control that supports an expansive range of signal intensities. Efficiency meets innovation with the dual microphone inputs, Mic A and Mic B, simplifying the process of microphone comparison and substitution.

Innovative Design for Optimal Recording

The Preamp Out feature represents a strategic approach to recording, offering a safeguard against imperfect settings by enabling post-session adjustments. This direct signal path ensures that every recording captures the true essence of the performance.

Analog Plugin and Enhanced User Interface

Channel One Mk3 redefines the concept of an "analogue plugin," bringing a tangible quality to digital workflows. User convenience is at the forefront of the design, with an easily accessible, low-noise instrument input located on the front, ensuring optimal processing and recording experience.

Tube Saturation and Auto-Dynamic De-Esser

The Tube Saturation feature of Channel One Mk3 is a nod to the classic charm of tube sound. The Auto-Dynamic De-Esser removes sibilance unobtrusively, ensuring that vocal tracks and mixes retain their original tonal quality.

Transient Designer and Compressor: Dynamics Redefined

Channel One Mk3's Transient Designer is a groundbreaking tool in dynamics processing, offering unprecedented control over the attack and sustain of audio signals. The compressor unit champions simplicity and musicality, ensuring natural and transparent sound dynamics.

Equaliser Section and Output Control

The equaliser section of Channel One Mk3 is a masterstroke of sonic sculpting, featuring half-parametric bass and semi-parametric mid/high-frequency filters. The output section provides meticulous control over the output level, ensuring compatibility with subsequent devices or AD converters.

Robust Design and Build Quality

Channel One Mk3's robust design, featuring a 4 mm thick anodised aluminium front panel and solid-milled aluminium knobs, exudes professionalism and durability. Developed with meticulous attention to detail and an ear for quality, this device stands as the pinnacle of recording and mixing solutions, promising an experience that's not just heard but felt.

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