SPL Crimson 3

USB Audio Interface

CAP2: 0 £725.00
£604.17 ex VAT
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6in-6out audio interface and monitor controller with two mic inputs, two hi-z inputs 10 source connections and 20 monitoring channels.

At a glance

  • Max. six recording and six playback channels
  • 10 source connections, 20 monitoring channels
  • 34V operational voltage for pro levels up to +22 dBu
  • Two discrete mic preamplifiers
  • Two instrument preamplifiers (Hi-Z, +22 dBu)
  • Two separate headphones amps
  • Connect and control two stereo speaker sets
  • Monitor mix from recording and DAW return paths
  • Individual artist monitoring signal, with talkback
  • Hi-Speed USB 2.0 (480MBit/s), MIDI I/O, S/P-DIF I/O
  • 24Bit/192kHz converter
  • Made in Germany

The SPL Crimson is a 6in 6out professional USB Audio Interface with a monitor controller in one affordable package.

The SPL Crimson lets you record, monitor and playback different sources in one single device and features two high-quality discrete mic preamps, two Hi-Z instrument preamps for your bass and guitars delivering up to +22dBu for truly professional levels.

The Monitoring controller allows selecting between 10 source connections and 20 monitoring channels. The Crimson is designed to work with a DAW however provides a lot of flexibility even as a standalone unit allowing you to play your instrument and microphone, mix your own monitor signal before recording into your DAW.

The 24-bit/192kHz capable audio interface gives you high-quality sound from boutique manufacturers at an affordable price point.

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