SPL Diamond DAC Silver

Mastering DA Converter with 120V Technology

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High-end Professional Fidelity DAC supporting sample rates up to 768kHz at 32-bit and PCM audio. DSD4 and DSD256 resolutions are supported for Direct Stream Digital (DSD) playback.

At a glance

  • DA Converter with elite AKM AK4490 Velvet Sound DAC chip
  • Unique operating reference voltage of 120V provides crystal-clear audio quality via SPL 120V SUPRA operational amplifiers
  • DLP120 dual lowpass filters
  • Analogue rotary knob made from solid aluminium
  • Can connect to 6 digital stereo sources via stereo USB and AES/EBU digital inputs, as well as 2 coaxial (RCA) and 2 optical (Toslink F06) inputs
  • RCA outputs have switchable volume control via DIP switch for connecting external equipment with its own volume controls
  • Can connect to external clock source via Word In or automatically synch to the digital clock from the source signal
  • Frequency range: 4Hz–300 kHz (-3 dB)
  • Dynamic range: 135dB
  • Weight: 6.94 lbs.
  • Dimensions (W x H x D): 10.95 inches by 2.24 inches by 11.81 inches

The SPL Diamond DAC is a high-end Professional Fidelity DAC that delivers digital audio as you've never heard it before!

The SPL Diamond DAC is powered by an AKM AK4490 "Velvet Sound" DA conversion chip that supports sample rates up to 768kHz at 32-bit and PCM audio. DSD4 and DSD256 resolutions are both supported for Direct Stream Digital (DSD) playback.

Diamond, like SPL's other popular DACs, is supported by SPL's unique VOLTAiR technology for high-headroom 120v operation and exceptional audio quality with little distortion all the way to the top. Diamond also uses super-clean DLP120 lowpass filters and an aluminium Alpine RK27 volume control to provide great resolution without compromising that crucial analogue feel.

Diamond is the perfect companion to all digital sources, providing a wide range of inputs such as optical, coaxial, USB, and AES/EBU. For DSD audio users; all conversion is accomplished via the USB-B input, while PCM audio consumers are free to use any of Diamond’s 6x digital inputs for the same effect.

External word clock connection is also provided for automated synchronisation to master clocks in the studio or HiFi.

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