SPL Gemini Mastering MS Processor, Black

Advanced mid/side processor

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Mid/side processor featuring pioneering 120V technology, designed for mastering and audio production. It facilitates the precise separation and manipulation of stereo signals into Mid and Side components, allowing independent processing. Control options for both Mid and Side signals, balanced I/Os, and integration with the Hermes Mastering Router provide versatility. Its standout 120V technology offers superior audio quality and increased headroom, setting it apart in the industry. Manufactured in Germany, the Gemini reflects SPL's commitment to excellence, making it an invaluable tool for professionals seeking advanced control and exceptional audio quality in their work.

At a glance

  • Mid/side processor
  • Uses pioneering 120V technology
  • Ideal for mastering and audio production
  • Separates stereo signals into Mid and Side components
  • Independent processing of Mid and Side signals
  • Balance and Trim controls for precise signal adjustments
  • Solo functionality for exclusive monitoring
  • Inserts for integrating external processors
  • Elliptical filter for shifting low-frequency content
  • Stereo Width control for customizable stereo image
  • Balanced I/Os with Neutrik XLR connectors
  • Integration with the Hermes Mastering Router
  • Exceptional audio quality and increased headroom with 120V technology
  • Manufactured in-house in Germany by SPL

The SPL Gemini Mastering MS Processor Black is an advanced mid/side processor featuring cutting-edge 120V technology. This device is designed primarily for mastering applications, offering precise control over individual elements within a stereo mix.

The SPL Gemini stands as the first mid/side processor to harness the advanced capabilities of 120V technology. M/S processing is a powerful technique that provides targeted access to individual elements within a mix, making it an indispensable tool for audio professionals

Unveiling M/S Processing

M/S processing is a technique widely employed in mastering to access and manipulate specific components of a stereo mix. The Gemini is distinguished as the first mid/side processor to leverage the capabilities of 120V technology.

Decomposition of Stereo Signals

The Gemini splits the stereo signal into two fundamental components: the "Mid" and the "Side." The "Mid" represents the in-phase portion of the signal, encompassing elements such as vocals, snare, and bass. In contrast, the "Side" captures the out-of-phase components, including guitars, pads, and cymbals. This separation facilitates precise, independent processing of these elements.

Stereo Image Control

Beyond its M/S capabilities, the Gemini can expand or reduce the stereo image. An elliptical filter is provided to shift low-frequency content from the side to the mid, enhancing the definition and impact of low-frequency components.

Control and Monitoring

The processor provides control options for both "Mid" and "Side" signals. The Balance control fine-tunes the centre position, while the Trim control allows for precise level adjustments. The Solo function permits exclusive monitoring of the centre signal, and Insert buttons facilitate the integration of external processors.

Optimised "Side" Signal

Similar control and monitoring options are available for the "Side" signal. The elliptical filter redirects bass frequencies from the side to the mid, enhancing low-frequency precision. The Stereo Width control adjusts the level of the side signal, influencing the stereo image width.

Seamless Integration and Routing

The Gemini features balanced Neutrik XLR connectors for all inputs, outputs, sends, and returns. It integrates seamlessly with the Hermes Mastering Router, creating chains combining traditional L/R and M/S processing.

Enhanced Flexibility with Hermes

The M/S encoder and decoder stages of the Gemini can be integrated into the Hermes, offering enhanced flexibility in processing. Processors within the chain between the M/S encoder and decoder handle the mid/side signal, accommodating mono devices as needed. This integration allows for customised processing chains.

120V Technology's Advantages

The Gemini leverages SPL's proprietary 120V technology, operating at a DC voltage of 120 volts, in contrast to the lower voltage levels typical of semiconductor op-amps. This technology delivers exceptional dynamic range, signal-to-noise ratio, and headroom, resulting in detailed and precise audio reproduction.

Extended Headroom

A notable advantage of 120V technology is its ability to handle input levels of +32.5 dBu, providing 12 dB more headroom than devices with lower operating voltages. This ensures consistent performance within optimal operating ranges, delivering a natural, fatigue-free listening experience.

German Precision Craftsmanship

SPL manufactures all its devices in its production facility in Niederkrüchten, Germany, emphasising quality and precision.

Elevate Your Audio Processing

The SPL Gemini represents a significant advancement in audio processing, allowing professionals to achieve meticulous control over their audio mixes. Its integration of 120V technology sets it apart in terms of audio quality and performance. Whether in mastering, studio work, or hi-fi use, the Gemini offers a platform for superior sound manipulation.

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