SPL Hermes Mastering Router With Dual Parallel Mix, Red

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The SPL Hermes is a mastering insert matrix with connections for up to eight dual-channel processors, dual parallel mix channels, all powered by SPL’s groundbreaking 120V technology.

The SPL Hermes offers the most flexible analogue routing of any mastering router available to date, allowing the audio signal to be routed through the eight channels in any order. Hermes also provides user-definable presets allowing for quick comparison of complex processing chains at the flip of a button. Furthermore, it includes two integrated parallel mix stages that can be assigned to any of the eight processors.

The Hermes mastering matrix is powered by SPL’s renowned 120V technology, providing increased headroom of up to +34dB and an impressive dynamic range of 141dB. All the switching is done with gold-plated and gas-capsule relays for ultimate sonic performance.

The SPL Hermes improves greatly the workflow of mastering engineers by removing the limitations of traditional mastering routes which offer a pre-defined path with limited swapping options. It gives unparalleled flexibility allowing for mastering engineers to quickly find the ideal chain with no need to repatch to hear simple changes.

SPL Hermes Main Features:

  • Mastering router for 8 dual-channel processors
  • Create, store and compare complex processing chains
  • Two Parallel Mix stages
  • Fast comparison of up to 4 processing chains
  • Fully passive routing using gold-plated and gas-capsuled relays
  • Unique SPL 120V Technology
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