SPL PassEQ Dual Channel Passive Mastering Equalizer, Black

Passive mastering EQ

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Passive mastering EQ with 72 passive filters per channel divided in three bands.

At a glance

  • The most powerful passive EQ ever made—144 (!) passive filters (72 per channel) in one EQ.
  • Individual coils per filter.
  • Single core coils excludes sonic degradation from mutual influences and improves THD values.
  • 120V makeup gain amplifiers with SPL's unique SUPRA-OPs delivering 141dB dynamic range and 200V/µs slew rate.
  • True passive coil filters genuine, characteristic sound of inductive components.
  • Passive filter design avoids typical distortion of active filters
  • Fully analog power supply with toroidal transformer
  • Made in Germany

The SPL Passeq is a passive mastering EQ with 72 passive filters per channel divided in three bands.

The SPL Passeq uses a classic design with passive coil filters, which offer highly musical characteristics. It also features SPL’s highly praised 120V circuit in the makeup gain, which results in an impressive dynamic range of 141dB and +34dB of headroom which translates in superior transient response.  Lundahl transformers are also employed to deliver a punchier sound and silkier high frequencies.

All frequency points have been carefully selected through years of experience and feedback from some of the most notable engineers around the world. Each band features a choice of 12 frequencies for each boost and cut covering a spectrum of 10 to 20kHz for boost and 30 to 19.5kHz for cut.

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