SPL Phonitor 3 + Expansion Rack

Headphone Amplifier

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High-end headphone amplifier and monitoring controller featuring advanced 120V technology, an analogue Phonitor Matrix for accurate spatial emulation, three analogue XLR inputs, extensive monitoring options, and an optional Expansion Rack for increased connectivity and versatility.

At a glance

  • High-grade 120V technology integration
  • Analogue Phonitor Matrix for superior spatial sound perception
  • Three analogue XLR stereo inputs and extensive monitoring choices
  • Optional Expansion Rack for increased connectivity
  • Simple switching between headphones and loudspeakers

The SPL Phonitor 3 is a high-quality headphone amplifier and monitoring controller that harnesses advanced 120V technology for superior audio fidelity. This device mirrors the monitoring precision found in large SPL mastering consoles, facilitating impeccable sound reproduction through loudspeakers and headphones. The analogue Phonitor Matrix elevates headphone mixing and mastering to new heights, offering a spatial perception of the stereo stage comparable to that experienced with loudspeakers.

Enhanced Connectivity and Control

Equipped with three analogue XLR stereo inputs, the Phonitor 3 accommodates multiple audio sources, making it an ideal monitoring tool for discerning producers and audio engineers. It offers extensive monitoring capabilities and can be further customised with the optional Expansion Rack. This provides a practical 19″ rack housing and adds three switchable stereo outputs, enhancing connectivity options for active loudspeakers or power amplifiers.

Optimised for Headphones

Front-mounted connections for standard headphones with stereo jack plugs allow the Phonitor 3 to drive any headphones effortlessly, showcasing the benefits of SPL’s 120V technology. Users can expect honest and vibrant sound that reflects meticulous attention to detail.

Switch with Ease: Headphones to Speakers

The Phonitor 3's output switch simplifies audio routing, allowing users to toggle seamlessly between headphone and speaker playback. The mute position ensures that no signal is outputted, while the integrated VU meters, which light up in red, provide a clear visual indication of signal levels.

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