SPL Phonitor 3 (Non-DAC Edition)

Headphone Amplifier

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High-end headphone amplifier and monitoring controller featuring advanced 120V technology, an analogue Phonitor Matrix for accurate spatial emulation, three analogue XLR inputs, extensive monitoring options, and an optional Expansion Rack for increased connectivity and versatility.

At a glance

  • High-grade 120V technology integration
  • Analogue Phonitor Matrix for superior spatial sound perception
  • Three analogue XLR stereo inputs and extensive monitoring choices
  • Optional Expansion Rack for increased connectivity
  • Simple switching between headphones and loudspeakers

The SPL Phonitor 3 is a high-quality headphone amp that incorporates advanced 120V technology. It is positioning itself as the ultimate device for both amateur enthusiasts and professional audio engineers. This state-of-the-art amplifier and monitoring controller offer monitoring precision that rivals large SPL mastering consoles, applicable to both loudspeakers and headphones.

Optimal Monitoring and Mixing

Equipped with an analogue Phonitor Matrix, the SPL Phonitor 3 enables mixing and mastering through headphones at an unparalleled quality level, preserving the spatial perception of the stereo stage as experienced via loudspeakers. It integrates three analogue XLR stereo inputs to accommodate various sources and an extensive array of monitoring options, solidifying its role as the optimal monitor controller for discerning producers and audio mastering professionals.

Expansion and Versatility

For enhanced functionality, users can opt for the optional Expansion Rack. This provides a sturdy 19″ rack housing and broadens connectivity with three additional switchable stereo outputs, suitable for active loudspeakers or power amplifiers.

Exceptional Audio Experience

The front of the Phonitor 3 features a stereo jack plug, allowing for effortless connection to standard headphones. With its formidable output power, the amplifier easily drives any headphone type, leveraging the benefits of SPL's unique 120V technology to deliver an honest, detailed, and vivid auditory experience.

Seamless Output Switching

Effortlessly toggle between headphone and speaker playback using the Output switch. The centre position is a Mute function, ensuring no signal is transmitted to the outputs, while the VU meters provide visual feedback by lighting up in red when active.

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