SPL Phonitor One D

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The SPL Phonitor One D is an audiophile headphone amplifier with 32-bit/768kHz Digital to Analogue conversion, DSD playback support and crossfeed control.

The SPL Phonitor One D features some of the technology on their flagship Phonitor X such as SPL's unique Phonitor Matrix with a Crossfeed control.

Phonitor Matrix

SPL's Phonitor Matrix with adjustable crossfeed offers the most realistic recreation of listening through speakers. It controls three parameters: speaker angle, crossfeed and centre level.

The speaker angle is set at a fixed 30 degrees, and centre levels are set to -1, representing the most popular values. The crossfeed controls the amount of cross-talk between both channels.


The Phonitor Matrix is activated via relays controlled by a switch. When bypassed, the matrix is completely removed from the audio path.

Powerful Audiophile Amplification

The Phonitor One D headphone amp uses two Burr-Brown OPA2134 SoundPlus Op-amps for preamplification. Created for use in audiophile circuits. they offer extremely low noise and distortion of only 0.00008%.

Furthermore, the FET stage used in the OPA2134 delivers super-fast slew rates of 20V/µs for superior transient response and clarity. The preamp also includes low-capacitance film capacitors in the signal path to ensure a more precise transmission of high-frequency signals.

The headphone output stage uses a push-pull amplifier operating in Class A/B modes. It boats bipolar transistors to share the amplification of positive and negative half-waves resulting in a higher gain and a higher output voltage. 

Thermally-coupled transistors ensure coherent operation throughout, helping deliver a stable image.

The power supply includes a buffer circuit with low source resistance, ensuring ample current reserves even when driving low-impedance headphones.

32-bit / 768 kHz DA-Converter

The included digital-to-analogue converter offers operations of up to 32-bit and 768kHz. These ultra-high sample rates make the Phonitor One D compatible with DSD4 and DSD 256 (11.2 MHz).

Using an AKM Velvet Sound Premium AK4490 converter chip, the Phonitor One D delivers the finest sound performance with unrivalled clarity. 

This Class-compliant USB DAC works with any Mac and iOS device (with the camera adapter). Simply connect the Phonitor to your computer and stream PCM and DSD digital audio via USB. Windows users will require a driver.

Flexible connections

The Phonitor features two line inputs selectable from the front panel and an additional stereo input via USB.

A stereo Line out also lets you use the Phonitor as a state-of-the-art DA converter and can be connected to an additional pair of speakers or outboard.

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