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Fully parametric dual five-band mastering EQ using SPL’s 120V Rail technology, constant and proportional Q modes, up to +/-20dB of Gain, 1/4 Gain Switch for increased gain resolution

The SPL PQ Mastering EQ is a fully parametric dual five-band mastering EQ using SPL’s 120V Rail technology.

The SPL PQ Mastering EQ – Model 1540/1544 to give it its full name is actually an update to the popular PQ Mastering Equalizer Model 2050, retaining the same sonic characteristics but with the addition of new features.

Each of the 5 bands can ben independently activated or bypassed as well as being set to constant Q or Proportional Q. These functions can be linked between channels with the left side controlled by the right side in Link mode.  Thanks to the 120V rail technology, the SPL PQ Mastering Equalizer can provide up to 20dB of gain cut or boost. For mastering applications, however a ¼ switch is available increasing the resolution by a factor of four and a gain cut or boost of 5dB. In this mode each step of the gain delivers an incremental increase of 0.25dB. 

Each control of the PQ Mastering EQ is fully detented with 41 steps allowing for extremely precise settings as well as easy recall.

SPL PQ Mastering Equalizer Main Features:

  • Dual Five-band mastering EQ
  • Each band can be independently activated or bypassed
  • Constant or Proportional Q switch for each band
  • Up to +/-20dB of Gain available
  • 1/4 Gain switch increases resolution and reduces maximum gain to +/-5dB

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