SPL SMC 2489 Stereo & 5.1 Surround Monitor Controller

CAP2: 56417.0
£666.00 £677.00
£555.00 ex VAT
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One-point stereo and 5.1 volume control, source and speaker management

The SPL Surround Monitor Controller (SMC) is a one-point analog volume control and switching matrix for system-independent 5.1 surround and stereo monitoring for essentially any audio application:

  • Surround and stereo production
  • DVD-V, DVD-A, SACD and DTS authoring
  • Film and video postproduction
  • Video and game production
  • A/V and multimedia production
  • Audiophile home entertainment systems

The advantages of the SMC become especially apparent in combination with modern audio and video production tools such as ProTools‚Ñ¢, Nuendo‚Ñ¢, Cubase‚Ñ¢, Logic‚Ñ¢, Deck‚Ñ¢ etc.

One of the SMC's biggest advantages is the possibility to manage several input sources, i. e. for comparing and monitoring SACD or DVD material.

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