SPL SMC 7.1 Surround Monitor Controller, Silver

7.1 Surround Monitor Controller

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Groundbreaking analogue surround sound monitoring system that elevates audio monitoring to new heights. With support for 8-channel surround sound, precise Solo, Solo-In-Place, and Solo-To-Center functions, versatile input options, seamless subwoofer integration, intelligent speaker management, and a mute feature for speaker protection, it offers an unmatched monitoring experience. Additionally, it provides private headphone monitoring with individual volume control. The Expansion Rack compatibility further extends its capabilities by enabling passive routing to four additional stereo outputs. Meticulously crafted, the SPL SMC 7.1 empowers audio professionals with exceptional monitoring performance and flexibility, allowing them to unleash their creative potential fully.

At a glance

  • 8-Channel Surround Sound
  • Solo, Solo-In-Place, and Solo-To-Center Functions
  • Versatile Input Options (Two 7.1 and Two Stereo Inputs)
  • Seamless Subwoofer Integration with LFE Button
  • Intelligent Speaker Management for Efficient Setup
  • Mute Functionality for Speaker and Hearing Protection
  • Headphone Monitoring with Individual Volume Control
  • Expansion Rack Compatibility for Extended Monitoring Options

The SPL SMC 7.1 represents an advanced audio monitoring system that enhances the experience of analogue surround sound. This product offers a range of features designed to improve audio monitoring for both professionals and enthusiasts.

8-Channel Surround Sound

The SPL SMC 7.1 raises the bar in analogue surround sound monitoring, offering an impressive 8-channel experience that immerses users in audio with unparalleled clarity and precision.

Solo, Solo-In-Place, and Solo-To-Center Functions

Experience ultimate control with Solo, Solo-In-Place, and Solo-To-Center functions. These features transform loudspeaker control into a precision art, allowing for individual channel isolation and precise monitoring, ideal for critical listening sessions.

Versatile Input Options

Flexibility is key, and the SMC 7.1 delivers. Connect up to two 7.1 and two stereo input sources, providing the versatility to compare and monitor multiple productions seamlessly.

Seamless Subwoofer Integration

Enhance stereo inputs effortlessly by activating the LFE button, seamlessly incorporating a subwoofer to add depth and impact to your audio.

Intelligent Speaker Management

The SMC 7.1's intelligent design ensures a smooth experience. It remembers your last speaker configuration for each source, simplifying setup and enhancing workflow efficiency.

Mute Functionality

The Mute function becomes your ally in the face of unruly DAW output. Swiftly silence your speakers to safeguard your equipment and protect your hearing.

Headphone Monitoring

For private, precise audio monitoring, the SMC 7.1 has a headphone jack featuring its independent volume control, ensuring an exceptional listening experience.

Expansion Rack Compatibility

Elevate your monitoring capabilities with the Expansion Rack. Designed for effortless integration into 19-inch racks, it facilitates passive routing of the SMC 7.1's stereo output signal to four additional stereo outputs. This empowers you to control and monitor a 7.1 loudspeaker array alongside full-range, mid-range, and near-field stereo speakers.

The SPL SMC 7.1 is a pinnacle of meticulous craftsmanship and engineering tailored for audio professionals searching for top-tier monitoring performance. With its comprehensive feature set and precision design, it unlocks the full potential of your audio creations.

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