SPL TDx 500 Series Transient Designer Module

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500 Series Adaptation of the legendary Transient Designer with added Mix Control.

The SPL TDx is an adaptation of the legendary Transient Designer to the 500 Series format.

The SPL TDx 500 Series Transient Designer takes on the exact same principle as the original offering simple controls to boost or decrease the attack and sustain adding punch and depth to the sound. Using SPL’s Differential Envelope Technology lets you calculate the differences in generated envelopes, tracking at all times the curve of the original signal for truly musical performance.

This 500 series adaptation sees the inclusion of a new mix control, which lets you blend continuously between the processed and original signal offering further control of the effect.

This transient processor has been at the forefront of modern sounding drums in one way or another by making the attack pop adding power and presence or by increasing the ambience of a snare drum or a room by increasing the sustain. Likewise, the Transient Designer can greatly affect the sound of a bass guitar giving it edge or increasing sustain when played too staccato. 

SPL TDx 500 Series Transient Designer Main Features:

  • Legendary Transient Designer modules adapted to the 500 Series
  • Simple Attack and Sustain controls to shape greatly the sound of the source
  • Truly musical performance
  • Mix Knob lets you dial back the effect
  • Great on Drums and Bass guitars, piano, etc. 

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