SPL Track One Mk3

Channel Strip

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Distinguished channel strip, paramount in broadcast and voice recording, renowned for its superior sound quality and versatility. It harmoniously blends sophistication with functionality, offering a meticulously designed interface and an array of features, including dual preamps with phantom power, precision gain control, and an innovative 'analogue plugin' capability. Its robust build, featuring a black anodized aluminium front panel and high-quality Neutrik XLR sockets, ensures durability and professional-grade signal integrity. Including advanced de-esser, compressor/limiter, and comprehensive equalization capabilities further cements the Track One Mk3's status as a cornerstone in contemporary recording studios, promising unmatched audio clarity and an intuitive user experience.

At a glance

  • Superior sound quality, ideal for broadcast and voice recording
  • Compact and sophisticated design with an intuitive interface
  • Dual preamplifiers with 48V phantom power for microphone and instrument inputs
  • Precision gain control for microphone, line, and instrument signals
  • 'Analog plugin' feature for advanced processing of line signals
  • 48V phantom power support for condenser microphones
  • Highpass filter to reduce impact noise below 80 Hz
  • Advanced Auto-Dynamic De-Esser for removing sibilance
  • Compressor/limiter section with user-friendly controls and excellent noise and distortion specifications
  • Comprehensive equalization capabilities with half-parametric LMF and semi-parametric MHF filters
  • AIR filter for clarity and presence in the upper frequencies
  • Robust build with a black anodized aluminum front panel and high-quality Neutrik XLR sockets
  • Ensured durability and professional-grade signal integrity
  • Commitment to sonic excellence with carefully selected and installed components.

The SPL Track One Mk3 is a  compact yet remarkably effective channel strip. This distinguished device is a go-to solution for an array of audio professionals, including singer-songwriters, live event coordinators, and podcast creators, known for consistently delivering superior sound quality. Its comprehensive suite includes a de-esser, compressor/limiter, and equaliser, ensuring that every recording meets the highest standards of professionalism.

Enhanced for Modern Demands

The latest iteration, the Mk3 version, showcases technical advancements and thoughtful optimisations tailored to meet the evolving needs of contemporary recording studios. The SPL Studio Series has reinvented the design of the Track One, presenting a more intuitive interface while maintaining an air of sophistication and elegance.

Preamplifiers of Unmatched Quality

The Track One has a microphone preamp featuring 48V phantom power for unrivalled clarity and a dedicated instrument preamp. Both preamps are fine-tuned to deliver a sound that is open, transparent, and devoid of colouration, ensuring the purity of the audio signal.

Precision Gain Control

Gain adjustments are effortless and precise, accommodating many input signals. Microphone signals benefit from up to 63 dB of preamplification, allowing even the most demanding microphones to exhibit their full potential. Line signals have a control range of -12 dB to +22 dB, while instrument signals enjoy a range of 0 dB to +35 dB, offering versatility and control to the user.

Innovative Analogue Plugin Feature

The Track One Mk3 introduces a novel concept, transforming into an 'analogue plugin' within a DAW insert. This feature allows for meticulous processing of line signals through the de-esser, compressor, limiter, and equaliser, ensuring that each recording is polished and professional.

48V Phantom Power and Highpass Filter

The incorporation of 48V phantom power caters to condenser microphones, ensuring optimal performance. A highpass filter with 6 dB per octave also attentively reduces impact noise below 80 Hz, maintaining audio clarity and purity.

Advanced De-Esser and Compressor/Limiter Technology

The Auto-Dynamic De-Esser operates subtly and efficiently, adeptly removing intrusive S-sounds and maintaining a tonally neutral output. Similarly, the compressor/limiter section boasts impressive noise and distortion specifications, with user-friendly controls ensuring a musical and discreet operation.

Comprehensive Equalisation Capabilities

The device offers extensive control over the frequency spectrum through the half-parametric LMF and semi-parametric MHF filters, while the AIR filter adds a touch of clarity and presence in the upper frequencies. The Output control allows for fine-tuning of the final signal, ensuring optimal levels for subsequent processing or conversion.

Robust Inputs and Outputs

Equipped with high-quality Neutrik XLR sockets and plugs, the Track One Mk3 guarantees secure and pristine signal transmission. The inputs cater to various microphones and instruments, while the balanced outputs ensure the signal's integrity is maintained throughout the signal chain.

Durable and Aesthetically Pleasing Design

Crafted with precision, the Track One Mk3 boasts a robust 4 mm thick, black anodised aluminium front panel and solid-milled aluminium knobs. The high-quality steel housing, powder-coated in elegant black, ensures durability and a professional appearance.

Uncompromised Sound Quality

At the heart of the Track One Mk3 is a commitment to sonic excellence. Each component is carefully selected and installed, ensuring the device meets technical specifications and resonates with the audio professional's discerning ear. The result is a channel strip that looks exceptional and performs impeccably, destined to be a mainstay in studios for years to come.

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